Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads – Where To Spend Your Budget?

The two companies can give their ‘fight’ for the market share but what is important for you, the advertiser, is where and how you spend your advertising budget for maximum ROI.

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  1. Harga catokan says

    In my case, I use both. But I prefer facebook ads for bigger budget. Because google ads means our keyword will be listed with other competitors while facebook ads not.

    And yes, the conversion is pretty much lower facebook than google

  2. Cody Lister says

    I prefer Facebook Ads for list building and Google AdWords for B2C & B2B lead gen. You can’t push visitors from Facebook Ads direct to a purchase without a solid tripwire offer, downloadable or webinar. With Google AdWords, you can send people direct to your short form sales page and capture their contact information for a quote or proposal.

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