Google AdSense: What It Is & How It Works

A beginner's guide to Adsense. Learn how Google AdSense works and how to make money with it.

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    • Alex says

      Hi Ronit

      You need to use Admob. You can create an account here: Admob is a google product and the procedure is similar to adsense with the difference that the ads are shown in mobile applications (for example android or iPhone apps) and not mobile websites. If you want to show yours ads on the mobile friendly version of your website, you should use Adsense instead.

      Hope this helps

  1. abdul rahman says

    Your article is very informative for everyone who is beginner in this field. I have read your article from its first line to last line. It is remarkable.
    I have one question that is raised in my mind.
    “What is current ranking algorithm of google”
    Best regards,

  2. Alex says


    Thank you for you nice comments.

    Google is using an algorithm (a set of rules) to determine which web sites to show in their search results and in what position to show each website. This the known as the “Google ranking algorithm”.

    To make money from Adsense you need Google organic traffic i.e. traffic coming to your website from the Google search results. Assume that your website has a good ranking position now on Google and you get traffic and make money from adsense since some of your visitors click on your ads. If Google changes their algorithm and you no longer rank in the fist positions of Google, your adsense income will also be negatively affected.

    Hope this makes sense,


  3. Romjan Dhayan says

    Your article always good for the readers, Specially this article will help the newbies who are interested in Google AdSense.

  4. Abhinav says

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your valuable article which made me clear on Adsense earnings. I had no picture about this process neither google explained so very well. After reading your article I finally realized that whatever website we make should attract the traffic only then we’ll be able to make money from Adsense which means our website should be popular and have attractive material for users. So thanks once again to make it very clear.

  5. Bill Kasman says

    I just want to clear up a point which is causing me some confusion since I have heard conflicting stories elsewhere. Does Adsense pay ONLY when an ad is clicked on or does it pay for simply displaying ads on a blog?

  6. Paula says

    As the others I’ve been reading from you clear, simple and easy to read. Besides so informative! Thank you! Things I never understood before are now coming to be very useful!

  7. Vikas says

    Great article for To be adsense account holders.
    Everything you want to know about adsense and its here.
    Really appreciate.
    Thanks Alex

  8. Atul Sinha says

    Most of people don’t know how Google AdSense works and gave you lots of money. Your great article could help people a lot and after reading this article definitely everyone got good understanding about Google AdSense. Great Great

  9. Vtio says

    Thank you very much, this article has been pretty usefull, and gives one a good view on how to start on adsense.

    But i have a question.
    In a previous answer you mentioned “Organic traffic”, could you explain a little bit more of that?
    Is this the only kind od traffic?

    Thank you very much

  10. VALDELICE says

    Excellent article, my congratulations Alex says, really to make money on adsense it is necessary that the blog has a lot of traffic and quality content otmizado for advertisement that pays high value

  11. Prosperity Kenneth says

    Honestly this is quite much of a wonderful Google adsense introduction.

    Thanks for a well detailed piece

  12. Rabina Prasad says

    Hello you article was very helpful. I just wanted to know that if my blog is on any free website like wordpress can i add adsense to it also and also at the time of creation(not wait for 3-6 months).

    Thank you very much..

  13. Naseef says

    One cannot depend on AdSense for a living. I was a little late to understand that.
    Thank you for sharing this great article.

  14. sachin says


    I have just started My blog. How much minimum Posts are required so that I can apply for Google Adsense.


  15. Aminul Islam says

    Hi Alex,

    Honestly, after searching a lot on the web post regarding Adsense, I found this valuable post. You made some bullet points to understand the starting to getting money from Adsense. I wish i could write like you.

    I have a adsense running site with my local language. This article will help me writing about adsense in my blog.
    Thanks again for the post. Keep sharing πŸ™‚

  16. Faruk says

    Thanks for sharing the information. i really enjoyed your blog article. and you’r writing a good point for adsense beginner.

  17. Nikhil Singh says

    Hii Thanks for giving your great knowledge. You have explained each and everything in details that I learned a lot from this post.

  18. Tereka McCollum says

    Thank you for sharing this! I started my blog and wanted to know when and how to adsense and how it worked. Definitely not quitting my job for this but as a single parent, I’ll use it as a great tool to have another stream of income. Now to focus on content!


    Excellent and much useful post, especially for those who wants to apply for adsense. All these guidelines/tips are much useful to follow, to get adsense account approved. Well, good/quality content, good blog design, easy blog navigation and privacy policy page are the most important one’s. Thanks for sharing

  20. dharmesh says

    Detailed effective guide for newcomers who want to start earning through blogging using AdSense. I have been an AdSense publisher for the last five years but payments have never been received and the reason is simply inconsistency in blogging. I hope this time I will be regular and earn some money. Thanks a lot…

  21. SWATEE NIGAM says

    Thanks, it was very informative. Especially for the beginners.
    looking forward for more such helpful posts. πŸ™‚

  22. Pet2301 says

    hi, thanks for the article. I have been using adsense for a few weeks, but I really have a problem with the sort of ads that appear on my website. I used a VPN to see if it would make any difference if I were (presumably) in a different location, but it doesnt mae a difference. In the topbar (above the fold) as well as in the bottom bar i see these realy obnoxious looking txt ads with huge black letters, and then even two or three under each other, while I made space for just 1 ad. I tried to block many txt ads but that is very laborious work, removing one by one, which I think Google replaces again the next day with new ones. I am at my wits end. How do I get nice looking ads that fit my website?

    • Alex Chris says


      Just give the AdSense system some time to ‘learn’ more about your website’s structure and content and soon you’ll see that the ads will be improved. After the learning phase, the system will deliver better ads for your users.

      Hope this helps

  23. Marija says

    The article is great but I have one issue with Adsense that no one seems to address.
    I have a blog on blogger that is also being owned by Google and in this case, I can’t do anything you are suggesting until I get a message in a special tab of the blog where it will be stated that my blog is acceptable for AdSense. Until then I can’t do anything and more importantly, don’t know what I am doing wrong or how to improve.
    so basically just waiting in vain I think…
    any advice?

  24. Shamsher Khan says

    This is a very useful and brief guide about google Adsense this can really help in better to understand the exact functionality of google Adsense.

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