How to Get More Real Followers on Twitter Organically (case study)

During the last 30 days I got 400 new targeted followers on twitter organically using only the twitter native app. Find out how you can replicate my method.

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  1. Simon Zaku says

    Super great article here! I specifically love how you find your soecific target audience.

    Thanks for the guide, Alex!


  2. Mikaela Pierre says

    Excellent Article! I’m gonna try to incorporate your tips into my Twitter account! Gonna comment back if it works.

  3. Katarzyna Szatylowicz says

    Nice guide, and thanks for mentioning the tools 🙂 Here, at we also experimented with growing Twitter account and used Jarvee – seems similar to Manage Flitter 🙂

    But it didnt work well… So I’m going to check the tools you mentioned.

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