How to Get Your First 10,000 Fans on Facebook (Case Study)

A step-by-step guide on how to get your first 10,000 Facebook followers on your business page. Replicate ours steps to do the same.

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    • ivan says

      Share your most popular posts in groups, this method works, I use it for years to grow my fan pages, it isespecially effective now that facebook has allowed you to join groups as your fan page.

  1. Ganesh Narayan Gupta says

    Hello man,

    This is a nice article and I think following this will surely help us in getting more number of likes and likes are a good source of traffic. Sharing on other social media sites and messaging to your new followers on the twitter also helps in gaining new followers. Thanks for these cool tips 🙂

    • Alex says

      Hi Ganesh,

      All valid method you can use to promote your Facebook page, will definitely help you get more likes and followers. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Dan says

    I’m getting ready to start a HUGE Facebook LIKES campaign. My goal is to get 10,000 LIKES. Stay tuned to see what I do.

  3. Kiran says

    Very nice information,I am new to SEO and this tips helpful for me to increase my traffic Thanks for sharing.

  4. Iftekhar Bhuiyan says

    Thank you very much for your post. I would agree with your regarding most of the possible options that you mentioned above. However, I can not stress enough that how important it is to provide quality content; not only to retain your current page followers but also to attract more loyal fans/followers in the long run. Slowly but gradually that may even led one to find potential client as well. Thank you once again.

    • Alex says

      Hi Iftekhar,

      Yes, providing quality content on your Facebook page is the most important tip of all.


  5. Janine Duffy says

    Thankyou! I an doing some of these and completely agree that Facebook ads do work, and posting relevant content and inviting your personal friends also work very well. You have also given me some tips that I will try.

    We have had great success to with posting photos on other Facebook groups/pages with related interests. Sometimes they share, and if they have larger fan bases it can be very valuable.

    Thanks do much for the article!

    • Alex says

      Hi Janine,

      Definitely posting useful content on other pages can raise the traction for your page too.

      Thank you as well

    • Elena says

      Great article, Alex, thanks! Can you tell more about posting content on other pages with related interests? Will they allow you to promote your page? Do you have to contact page admins or pay for these posts?

  6. Saquina Akanni says

    Good article and very helpful for anyone wanting to get that first 10k FB follower. Ditto Iftekhar Bhuiyan! Quality content is the key to creating the results you want from reading this article.

  7. Zander says

    We’ve done most of these already, and while they’ve led to steady growth of our page, it’s been a slow grind. I’ve been meaning to look into Facebook ads for awhile now to speed things up, so I’ll definitely check that out after hearing your success with it. Thanks!

  8. akinola says

    Thanks for the article. Increasing likes on facebook is a very difficult task but this article throw more light on it.

  9. ait alla says

    Hello Alex

    really this it’s very intersting article i hope to help all people beginners in internet marketing

  10. JadyKBeautique says

    Just starting my online boutique “JadyKBeautique” and I will need at least 1 or 2k followers,I read through your article and help me so much.I guess running ads really work?This is also my goal to get up there?

  11. Mike Magloire says

    Really great articles, I always wonder how to increase your post audience view within your fans page. As you mentioned, only 10-15% of your fans will likely see your post. So basically, it makes Facebook traffic paid if you need great exposure instead of free with your own page fans.
    Thanks for the article.

  12. vin tomas says

    Hi mate,
    i work for a company called taskcity which is like a freelancer type of site, only more local,

    i have thought about facebook ads, but how effective would it be for a site geared for general public users ? How can i target to only people interested in posting tasks and jobs like that?
    hope to get some answers from marketing fans here.

    • Alex says

      Hi Vin

      With Facebook ads you have a lot of options when it comes to finding your target audience. In our case you can target people that live in AU and have shown interest in things like ‘freelance’, ‘work from home’ etc. I will publish in the coming weeks a post on Facebook ads and targeting.

      Hope this helps a bit

  13. Alex says

    The best way to get facebook fans is that you post relevant and attractive content.Video posts get more exposure than text posts.The bottom line is that you provide solution to your audience so they can click on your posts and become fans.

  14. Jacob says

    I am in!
    My page has currently 1833 likes. It is about 2 years old, so hopefully I won’t see much of a drastic drop! I will come back with an update on Saturday!

    I am curious to see the changes for the big brands you listed

  15. Jessica says

    This is really helpful. Is there a way to invite followers from one FB business page to like another related FB business page. I have 2 related business pages. One has 3,000 followers and the other I’ve just started and want to invite people. Please advise! Thanks so much.

    • Alex says

      Hi Jessica

      I don’t think there is a way to do that, what you can do though is to post an update on one of your pages and invite them to like your other page.

      Hope this helps

  16. Bhagyashree says

    This is a really nice article and I think following this will surely help us in getting more number of fan followers and likes and likes are a good source of traffic. Sharing on other social media sites and messaging to your new followers on the twitter also helps in gaining new followers. I saw that on my business twitter page Thanks for these Helpful tips 🙂

    • Alex says

      Hi Bhagyashree,

      Thank you for your comment. Good luck with your ‘fan raising’ efforts.

      All the best

  17. Joao says

    I’ve got over 1 million fans spread across 8 pages in the dog niche.
    Three years ago I could easily run FB ‘Promote your Page’ Ads and get new fans for only 1 cent. I regret not investing more at the time… Nowadays, it’s almost impossible (I think…).
    You say that you can get 10,000 fans with $1,000 which is exactly 1 cent per fan… What type of ads are you using? What type of interests (broad, specific, LLA’s)? What is the daily budget per ad group?

    • Alex says

      Hi Joao

      There is no definite answer other that you have to test different ads and audiences and see which ones work better for your niche. If you go too specific, the cost will probably be higher, if you go broad it will be less but not so targeted. Also, don’t forget that its not only a matter of quantity but quality. It’s better to have 10K high quality fans instead of 100K general fans.

      Hope this helps

  18. Melanie Symons says

    Hi Alex,

    You’ve suggested we position the like box above the fold and also to have it popup to new users, how is this done?

    Also can I invite followers of my business page (not friends of my personal page) to like another business page and if so how?

    Thank you kindly for a great artivle and help with these associated questions

    • Alex says

      Hi Melanie
      To show a popup with the like box, you can use tools like ‘ninja popups’ or other tools that support ‘Exit Popups’.

      I believe you can not invite followers of your business page to like another page. The only way is to add a new post and ask them to do so (not very efficient) or use Facebook ads to target your business page followers and show them an ad to like your other page.

      Hope this helps

  19. Narinder kumar says

    Thanks, Alex sharing great post about facebook paid campaign it’s really great idea you can share with us.

  20. Anoop sharma says

    I really feel happy after reading this post. I am just going to use these techniques for my FB fan page. Thanks Man! you are great.

  21. Hans Hansson says

    Just wanted to know is there a way to set up a promotion on my Facebook page that gives the buyer a extra free item but to get this they need to like my page first?

  22. Alexis says

    Do you recommend curating content from numerous of sources or only post content from our blog? Thanks and great article.

  23. Tony says

    Hi, i love your writing. I would like to have a question: if we choose to run facebook ad, “promote page”, how to make it new and attractive, is it true that we need to create different page cover layouts?


  24. Norman says

    Very informative article with details. Everyone can increase facebook page likes by these tips. Thanks a lot.

  25. Dinesh Ramakrishnan says

    Hi, Alex!

    Thank you so much for giving clarity on having a fan page for business or blog. I’m running fb ads for my fan page. For spending 4 dollars, I’m getting 130 – 150 likes. Aside, updating page with quality content is must for more engagement.

  26. Gajanan Patel says

    Awesome Post, Alex

    Very Informative information getting a huge amount of likes and followers, but how much time it takes for reaching 10000 followers on Page.

  27. Jone Athinam says

    Thanks for the article. Very informative and great This. Most Important, quality content is a critical success factor

  28. Rain says

    I’m ready to jump in! Thank you for the great info that I’ll be utilizing to get my first 10K + followers. Thank you!

  29. Sanjay Kumar says

    I have read your informational article, this definitely will help to increase the facebook page followers. Thank you so much for the better article.

  30. Anurag Malhotra says

    To get 10000 fans on Facebook you need to provide them useful and informative resources that must be of their use. People usually like to read post that provide some valuable information to them. Posting regular content also helps to increase followers on Facebook.

    • Alex Chris says

      HI Anurag

      Yes, posting regular content and keeping your audience engaged is a great way to increase your facebook followers.

      All the best

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