The 21 Best Digital Marketing Blogs By Search Traffic

The best digital marketing blogs to follow to get your dose of digital marketing news and learn how online marketing works.

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  1. Ashley Harris says

    Thanks so much for the recommendations! Couldn’t be a better time to keep up to date with my marketing knowledge 🙂

  2. Karan says

    Hi Alex, the blogs you featured are definitely the best.
    But, I doubt the traffic estimations of them. You can see in, Neil Patel is getting something like 7-8 Million visits a month. 🙏

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Karan

      Thanks for mentioning this. In the post we have used Semrush for getting the traffic estimates and it’s normal to differ from other tools.


  3. Sahil Dhawan says

    As a beginner, it will gonna surely help me out. Thanks for giving us too many blogs so that we can learn digital marketing in an ample amount.

  4. Sakshi Gupta says

    Really amazing stuff that you have shared with us. I would highly recommend this blog to everyone to just check out once. It really helps me to know about “Digital Marketing Updates”. Thanks for sharing with us and keep posting!

  5. F.Bilal says

    Great stuff, few of them are already in my routine research work.. but most of them will be a great asset for me in future. Thanks

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