SEO Checklist 2024: 43 Tips For A Perfectly Optimized Site

The complete SEO checklist to optimize your website and boost your rankings in 2024. It covers both basic and advanced SEO tips.

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  1. Noman Sarwar says

    Comprehensive checklist it is. You did not leave any room to discuss more about SEO, by the way thanks for this huge informative post and i have also downloaded its PDF version.

  2. Zamir Ahmad says

    Website load time makes a huge difference in your ranking, so always make sure your website loads under 2 second.


    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Zamir

      That’s right, website loading time is an SEO factor but also a usability factor. Less than 2 seconds is a great time to target.

      All the best

  3. Prakash Adhikari says

    As new to blogging I learned a new and amazing knowledge from this post. Keep sharing such amazing stuff.

  4. Mary Ambrose says

    Fantastic job Alex! Two thumbs up! I will definitely use this checklist for my SEO tasks.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Mary

      Thanks a lot! Don’t forget that you can download the checklist in PDF and print it.

      All the best with your SEO


  5. Shubham Paliwal says

    Thnx alex for sharing such an extra informative. You cover almost evry tips that a blogger should know

    These tips helps me a lot to do technical SEO for my blog “freakyfact”.

  6. Irene Le Covec says

    I’ve discovered your site and blog recently and it’s a real eye opener. SEO is much more than I thought it was and with your checklist, I’ll be able to sort between the items I can do and those I’ll need help extra on. Thanks.

  7. Jim Fowler says

    Comprehensive and very updated SEO checklist! I will go through the checklist one by one and see if I missed something. Keep posting!

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Jim

      Thanks a lot. Yes, the list is updated regularly to cover all latest SEO practices.

      All the best

  8. Rouben says

    Hi Alex,

    Very informative list.

    I have problems with my site speed i will read your post on SEO tips for beginners.

  9. James Matt says

    Hi Alex, thank you for the valuable insight into SEO, and the checklist is a huge help for us SEOs!
    Thanks again from Team Altair!

  10. Dennis says

    This was really helpful to me, thank you! I was just looking for seo checklist like this, as I’m currently working on a new site.

  11. Arvind says

    This is so good, Thank you for taking the time to think through all these points and remind us.

  12. Aiden says

    The list and information are very detailed. I have to say I felt afraid of the big number at first, but they are reasonably essential. Thank you for collecting them and sharing the post.

  13. Emma says

    Fantastic job Alex! Two thumbs up! I will definitely use this checklist for my SEO tasks. Keep it up.

  14. Mount Woods says

    Great post thanks for sharing this valuable information with us all. The infographics only add values to you post as well. Your extensive research will definitely help a lot of people in their SEO process. Nice work and thanks for providing the downloads as well.

  15. Devesh Bagla says

    Glad that you shared this comprehensive article with us. I have read the complete blog and will make sure to meet these checkpoints before uploading my next article. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Łukasz says

    WOW amazing list, I will now try to check my own blog based on all points. I’m impressed :))

  17. Steven Hawkens says

    The tips you shared for getting quick wins for link building are very simple and easy to understand. I will use this article as my reference frequently since I will need to put into practice each point mentioned.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Steven

      To fully SEO optimize a website takes time and effort. I’ll do my best to keep this SEO checklist updated to cover all the important SEO tasks you need to perform.

      All the best

  18. Ramesh says

    Great post, thanks for sharing the comprehensive article with SEO Checklist. This is very useful and i am sure it will benefit and help to improve SEO projects. Thanks again.

  19. Aditya says

    Great article on SEO!, All the points that you’ve covered has an impactful significance on the SEO score of a website. I found this helpful. Thanks for sharing such an amazing piece of content.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Aditya
      Thanks a lot for your comment. I’m glad that my SEO checklist helped you improve your website’s SEO score.

      All the best

  20. Parth Pancholi says

    Hello, I read your blog on the SEO Checklist. Thank you so much for this post. Keep it up and write more post like this.

  21. Alex Chris says

    Hi Brinley

    Thanks for commenting. I’m glad that you found our SEO checklist useful.

    All the best

  22. Maverick says

    Outstanding list!
    I just had a client ask me why SEO is so expensive and how much an audit costs. When he sees such a list he will understand 🙂

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Maverick

      Thanks a lot! There are many things to do to properly SEO a website, that’s for sure.

      All the best

  23. Jennifer Wan says

    Awesome guide. Your complete and comprehensive guide with the SEO checklist will be very helpful in optimizing my website. Also useful to increase the site’s organic traffic and boost rankings. Thank you so much. Keep sharing!

  24. Tauseef Iqbal says

    Wow, this post has comprehensive knowledge; I can just say if any beginner wants to start their career in the SEO industry with 0 fear of failure or wanna appear for an interview, then this post is enough for that.
    Keep sharing such amazing stuff, dude.

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