Best Google Career Certificates For 2024 (Review)

Do Google Career Certificates worth it? Read our comprehensive review to find out if a Google certificate is the right choice for you.

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  1. Ersi says

    Is there any combination of these Google career certifications that you can get that will help you stand out and be more qualified?

  2. Motunrayo says

    I have 3 questions:

    1. Can a graduate apply for this course if he wants to change his career field?
    2. How many hours daily do I need to complete the Digital Marketing and E-commerce Career Certificate?
    3. I want to apply for the scholarship, how do I start?

  3. Anthony Nkhoma says

    Thanks a lot, Alex for your comprehensive analysis of google career certificates which has given me great encouragement. I am pursuing a professional project management certificate and as usual with every endeavor, some doubts may creep in but when I read your analysis, life got back in me. I am really thankful and hopefully link up with you on LinkedIn.

  4. Joseph says

    Hello There,

    1) Would like to ask your advices for starting the Google Career Certificates, Which course should be taking first in order and what is the order to finishing all 6 courses?

    2) Is it necessary to complete all 6 courses to fulfil the Google Career Certificates Program??

    Many Thanks and Best Regards,

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