How to Get Accepted to Google AdSense

In this guide, you'll learn how to get approved by Google Adsense and what to do if your application is rejected.

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  1. Ganjikunta says

    Thanks Alex for a good and very informative post for everyone trying to get an Adsense Account.
    This blog is very good, I never seen before this kind of crystal clear Digital Marketing blog .

    what are the major reasons to reject an adsense account apart of the 4 things.

    1. Any website traffic related issues /
    2. Bad Back links ?
    3. Any specific traffic or Country specific reasons?

    or What are other reasons to reject adsense account.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Alex says

      Hi Ganjikunta

      Thank you for your comment.

      1. Website traffic – the website needs to have traffic but not PAID traffic. If you try to add adsense to a website that gets traffic from paid sources i.e. stumble, adwords, or any other source, it is more likely to get rejected. The traffic has to be natural or organic.

      2. Bad links – Websites that have adsense have to comply with Google webmaster guidelines which means no bad links or anything else that is against the guidelines.

      3. Specific traffic – I don’t think there is an issue here. Traffic can come from any country provided that it meets the criteria above.

      Hope this helps you get accepted to the adsense program.


  2. Ganjikunta says

    Thanks alex for your reply,

    Bad links means any traffic from un related sites ? or wrong website backlinks posting?

    What is mean by paid traffic? using any tool for to increase traffic?


  3. Siyaram Sharma says

    Thanks for this best adsense solution

    Today many of us apply for adsense approval but he is rejected. This article very help full for applying for adsense approval process. I also apply for adsense approval but he is rejected as per guide we follow the adsense policy so we request you to provide the solution for adsense approval

  4. Mike Devenney says

    Thanks for the article Alex. We just launched a site for cell phone buyback are hoping to use AdSense to help monetize the informational section of the site and AdWords to bring in new customers to the buyback portion. Your article was a good start in my learning process.


  5. Chinedu says

    Thanks for the Info.I applied and they rejected it at first. My site will be 6 months old in the next 3 days and I will re-apply as i have original contents and easy navigation.

  6. Ozoda Begim says

    I’m thankful for simple & great explanation on Adsense service. Frankly, I also used to be confused time to time on differences between adsense and adwords. Thanks again Alex!

  7. deepika singh says

    Hello, Alex
    Thank you very much that you wrote a blog on this topic .. I needed a blog that contains information about AdSense .. Very simple and easy way you have explained this topic…

  8. Emmie Velders-Lindeman says

    I had applied and was accepted over 10 years ago and then, because of good intentions from friends and family, they clicked and I was banned within the first 2 weeks. I’ve emailed adsense over and over again to try and get my account activated again but sadly to no avail. I’ve tried the alternatives but they’re no good and often also ban me once they see I’ve been banned by adsense. Do you have any tips on how to start over? New Google account, new url etc? Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated.

  9. Angel says

    I get rejected many times on applying goodle adsense, luckily, your tutorial helps me to get approved. Thanks

  10. Anjali says

    I have tried once but didnt know how to paste the code on website so I didn’t complete that process. Again I applied with new mail and new url but it’s saying u already have an AdSense account.. But I don’t have…i an applying again and again.. Same answer I got.. What I have to do?

  11. Unwana Akpan says

    My own message said my site was down or unavailable, why should that be counted against me. That happened more than twice; were they just looking for excuse since my site is new?

  12. Sun Ithilwen says

    Thanks for an informative article. I’m a little confused with this though:
    “The website should have not been used previously for an adsense approval.”

    I was rejected first time and I’d say it was due to low traffic. If I want to apply again, can I use the same website?

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Sun

      Yes, you can use the same website, provided that your traffic levels have grown. Don’t apply if the situation is the same.


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