How To Write A Listicle (Tips And Examples)

Learn how to create high-ranking listicles. Includes writing tips, examples, and best practices.

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  1. Charlotte Hill says

    this is another thing i learned. i’m struggling in marketing right now and this is a bit unique that i just found.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Charlotte

      Listicles are a great content type to use in your marketing.

      All the best

  2. Tony says

    That was a great article! Although I’ve done ‘list’ posts before, I didn’t know they went by the term ‘”Listicles’:-)
    Great explanation on the formatting of the lists as well – thank you!

  3. BrackNelson says

    Yes, I know the importance of listicles in content marketing. You did a great job by explaining why it is so effective. The way you described all the tips for writing a great listicle is a very effective manner.

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