15 On-Page SEO Techniques (Basic and Advanced)

This is the ultimate guide to on-page SEO. Learn exactly how to optimize your content for search engines and users.

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  1. tomm says

    Yes i believe on page optimization is very important for SEO. If you cannot do On page optimization properly it will hamper you website. This post was very helpful for me, thanks for sharing.

    • Alex Chris says

      Tomm Hi and thanks for your comment,

      On Page optimization is the beginning of your SEO efforts. Sometimes on page optimization is all you need to do to start getting some organic traffic. If you get on page SEO wrong it will be harder to get good results even if you do off page SEO

      Thanks again

  2. Ali says

    The on-page SEO checklist you’ve featured is superb! I agree that both on-page and off-page SEO are required in order to gain maximum exposure, however I would also agree that on-page SEO is more important out of the two. Great article – thank you!

    • Alex Chris says

      Ali Hi

      Thank you for your comment. Yes on-page SEO is the most important factor and sometimes doing the basic things can generate great results, especially after the release of penguin 2.0

      Thanks again

  3. Nathan Brook says

    Nice post.Good original content, well implemented on page optimization and a solid link building campaign is usually more than sufficient for SEO.

  4. Josh says

    Hi Alex,

    This is a great resource, well written with useful insights.

    We are in the process of building our own comprehensive on-page SEO resource.


  5. Craig Ronaldson says

    Great article you have here, really enjoyed the information

    Look forward to reading more posts

    Keep it up!

  6. niaz ali says

    Dear Alex Chris ,
    Though we know SEO is a dynamic process, Google always change it’s algorithm. I have learn many thing about SEO from the article. This is time to think more about On page SEO and the article is very useful for all webmaster. Plese write something about bad or week backlink which is very harmful for any site or site ranking.

    • Alex says

      Niaz Hi

      Thank you for your nice comments. Please make sure you register to my newsletter and I will post a few articles about link building and off page SEO in the coming weeks.


  7. Roberto Blake says

    I couldn’t agree more, most people completely miss these simple facts. Ultimately content exist for users not robots, so it should be done accordingly. On Page SEO mostly comes down to understanding how write for people, so following the standards in terms of organization and communication that newspaper publications, academic papers, and books utilize will definitely impact results. Great post!

    • Alex says

      Roberto hi

      It is true that while on-page SEO is simple and straightforward, most websites get it wrong. Newspaper, academic papers and books are great examples for publication standards!

      Thanks again

    • Alex says

      Rahul Hi

      No, if you bold text that does not mean it is a keyword. You can use bold to draw the attention of the user to specific parts of your text.

      Hope this helps

      • Rahul Mehta says

        Then what makes a text a keyword with respect tot he search engine ?

        Instead of just bold – should we bold and italic it or underline ?

        • Alex says

          There is really no need to do that…search engines know which are the keywords and you don’t have to make it bold or italic or underline. This was a practice we used in the past but today I don’t see any benefit from doing this

  8. Zeshan says

    Nice post
    Is off page really necessary after penguin update
    As you stated on page is a must I agree with that but i think off page activities like Link exchange, directory submission etc all are fake now a days
    i think only contents which are original will gain weight for ranking
    What do you say?

    • Alex says

      Zeshan Hi

      Thank you for your comment.

      I agree with you, high quality original content is the most important factor these days and social media is the new link building. If you do any of the activities mentioned above like link exchanges, directory submissions etc you are not only losing your time but you risk getting a penanlty as well


  9. Ree says

    I love to read accurate tips in terms of effective SEO techniques that will boost rankings. They’re really great, thank you! I’ll be sure to bookmark this page 🙂

  10. krishan shakya says

    Hello sir,
    I am new in seo field. I want to know how I can get better page result on google with off page.

    • Alex says

      Sili Hi

      The answer is simple, both these techniques are not natural ways to get a link so if you are ‘caught’ doing it, you will get a penalty by Google. Think about it this way: what is the real purpose of directories and link exchanges? If the answer is: to get a link back to my website to increase rankings then it’s obvious that this is violating Google guidelines.

      Hope this helps a bit

  11. Sili says

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the quick response. I am a link builder. And in this present scenario what is the future of a Link Builder? What would be the effective method should a link builder follow to get the rank?

    • Alex says

      Allison Hi

      No, you need a personal Google+ profile for the authorship to work. A website should have a publisher profile as well (this is bind to the Google+ business page) but for authorship you need to also relate your posts and pages with a personal G+ profile


  12. anu says

    This post is really very nice and informational.I got many new things from it.Its really very useful.I am new in SEO field and it clears my most of doubts about on page optimization

  13. Alex says

    Anu Hi

    Thank you very much for your nice comment. Once you get the basic knowledge about on-page SEO, everything else becomes easier


  14. sathya says


    Im working on seo for our site and this post is really helpful for me to work on page seo and also i clearly understood about on page seo. Thanks for this post.

  15. Paul says

    Excellent and well explain. Quality content is the king around getting found. Thanks for posting this great list.

  16. Bettypaul says

    First of all thanks for this wonderful post. I usually wonder why people work more on off page rather than on page. I had my personal opinion to make the structure of the website intact and then try to promote it. And, This article told everything what i wanted to tell my colleagues. Thanks again.

  17. charan says

    i sincerely agree for the above post.. ON optimization is like a foundation of a building , if foundation of the building is strong you can build many floors , (same in seo if on optimization is strong, then only your off optimization works.

    • Alex says

      Charan Hi

      Very well said…on page SEO is indeed the foundation for a strong website.

      Thanks for commenting


  18. Ellena says

    Thank you Alex, the checklist has been extremely helpful to me.
    I never done all the activities manually, as I have been using website auditor and it just scans your site and gives detailed on-page suggestions along the way.
    Still, I got some interesting insights from your post, especially with regard to internal linking and authorship. Great share!

  19. Syed waseem Ahmed says

    Thank you very much Alex Chris.This post is really very good and informational.
    i have one question, What is latest techniques in OFF Page SEO?

  20. Aayush mathur says

    The article is worth praising, all the techniques are very well explained and every technique is unique in its own manner. There are more techniques which you can include but what ever you have carved it explains every point in exact manner what it need to be done.

  21. Reginald says

    Hi Alex,

    Good stuff. I like the small infographic or image you had (the 5 rules or points part).

    I think writing for humans is important but don’t ever forget SE. Practicing a balance of both is hard but very much possible. Not forget, it gives better results too.


  22. Eva jasmine says

    nice article alex, this will help to get more details regarding seo services for begginers as well as professonal people keep it up. i’m expecting this kind articles from you. thank you sharing valuable information.

  23. surya says

    The On-Page Factors (or) Techniques in SEO is:
    1)Title Tags Optimization
    2)URL Structure Optimization
    3)Meta-Description Optimization
    4)Meta-Keywords Optimization
    5)Body Tag (or) Header Tag Optimization(H1,H2,H3,H4)
    6)Keyword Density
    7)Image Optimization
    8)Anchor Tag Optimization
    9)Internal Navigation
    10)Redirection Technique (or) Optimization(301 it is an seo friendly (or) static redirection & 302 is a temporary redirection technique and it is also consider as a black hat technique)
    11)Sitemap.xml Optimization
    12)Robots.txt Optimization
    13)RSS Feed Optimization
    14)Footer Tag Optimization
    15)404 Error Optimization

  24. Nic Tao says

    Great information here,specially for beginners like me. My site ranking for targeted keywords has improved a lot after applying this awesome points.

  25. Margaret Lapkin says

    What is your point of view on meta keywords as part of the Source Code. Your article talked about meta titles and descriptions, but I missed your thoughts about meta keywords. Thanks! Margaret

  26. azranx says

    Your SEO article is great.I think this is the best seo article I ever read. Thank you very much for sharing this.
    I have one question, how the page rank between android phone and windows pc is differ?For an example, when I type something in google search, say “best sport car 2014” I found a search result for a same blog appear in 1st page in android but in 3rd page in windows pc.

  27. fazil baig says

    Nice and very informative article Alex. thats very helpful for newbies. i love your writing and appreciate your skills.

  28. Alvira Nicholas says

    I’m a Newbie in SEO Field. SO this post very useful to me for better working in my field. Thank you for this valuable article. 🙂 🙂

  29. Rana Waqas says

    That is the most detailed post i ve ever come across with first time explaining on page SEO benefits rather than off page SEO. hats off and i am 100% agree with everything you written above


  30. Mansoor Valli G says

    Hey Chris,
    Really a very good piece of information. I have read many of the tips here on many occasions. But the last one namely Speed is the new one for me. Thanks for the cool info mate.

  31. Akash Mahamud says

    Nice article, got lot of help from my new site, and 100% agree with you, we are trying to do some things like as per your advice, thanks Alex for sharing.

  32. Frank Roberts says

    Two more factors that I consider valuable for on page seo is to make your website mobile friendly and definitely moving your website to SSL servers can give you boost in ranking. The on-page seo is changing with time.

  33. Sumit Khantwal says

    Absolutely right..!! Fresh/Unique content will automatically perform well in SERP.
    Keep in mind on-page SEO,I changed slug of my old post,now what will happen will old URL?Is it good for SEO to change slug.? Thank in advance.

  34. Ashik says

    Great, You have included the Whole industry in this awesome post. Great Keep updating and make it Evergreen..

    Thanks a lot for Posting.

  35. Naval Saini says

    Superb information regarding on Page SEO thank you Alex for writing such a nice article .

    Really helped me a lot.

    Good work keep writing more interesting posts.

    Thank you so much

  36. Erik Emanuelli says

    Hi Chris,
    great information about on-page SEO!

    Every blogger should keep these points in mind.
    Aside on-page SEO, we need to work also on off-page SEO, as Google still loves links, a lot!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great week.

  37. Gary Smith says

    All the points are explained very clearly, Great source of information about on-page seo strategies that boost the rank. Thanks for en-lighting us with your knowledge, it is helpful for many of us.

    • Alex says

      Hi Bob
      Not directly but indirectly. Any legitimate website should have an about us, contact us and privacy policy pages so if these pages are missing this is a bad signal.

      Hope this helps

  38. Thameem says

    First of all thanks for this great post. I usually wonder why people work more on off page rather than on page. I had my personal opinion to make the structure of the website intact and then try to promote it. And, This article told everything what i wanted to tell my colleagues. Thanks again.

    • Alex says

      Hi Thameem

      A good site structure is one of the most important SEO techniques to adopt and this is something that will also make your website SEO friendly.

      All the best

  39. BayoRegar says

    thanks for your information, can i ask what is links building and why it more important? i need seo ebook for beginner can you give ? thanks advance

  40. Asad Hanif says

    Very lengthy and descriptive article! The importance of on page SEO is more than just what many bloggers think it is!
    Great article!!!!

  41. Gloria Thomas says

    Very Detailed Article. It has Discussed a Every point. I really impressed and It tough me alot. Thanks for the share

  42. Taposh Kapuria says

    Great content posted. On-page SEO is powerful, if you update your website into a well contructed on-page SEO even you dont have enough backlinks or off-page SEO, you can still be on the top of the search engines.

  43. Jasvinder says


    Well, Greatly described Points. But I agree with most of your points.

    Recently Google become more intelligent with quality update and now, they they know, what content is all about, so they know, exactly, where to rank our article, depending on it’s quality.

    So, Keyword Density is out of the window these days, Instead, we can just use LSI keywords for better ranking.

    Also Meta tags like Meta description is not that important, like it was few years ago, now, Google can pick any word or phrase from article depending on users query.

    But I do agree that, using Headings Tags, Image Alt Tags and internal Linking is very important.

    So, Overall, having a nice URL structure, Authority Outbound Links, proper Title, can do the Job easily.

    Correct me, If I am wrong?

    • Alex says

      Hi Jasvinder

      I agree with you, my only comment is the word ‘easily’. A nice url structure, good links, and good on-page SEO can do the job but it takes time and needs a lot of work.

      Thank you for your comment

  44. Jeni Anderson says

    some of the Onpage optimization in SEO are Finding broken links, Meta description, Alttag, Title tag, Inbound link, URL structure etc are the technique which I use to follow. Great Post. Thanks for sharing this article.

  45. Kavita says

    Great post Alex, it’s useful to understand how your site can benefit from on site optimisation and improve rankings through value added content.

  46. simran says

    thanks for this Excellent article for beginners in seo . It would be interesting to also talk about the Knowledge graph.I think this is one of the parameters of the future of search

  47. subha says

    Once again a great post Alex .I think both the on-page and of-page SEO are important to rank on google or any other search engine .

  48. Rob Knapp says

    A note about the image file names… your example has spaces in the filename. That might confuse beginners. “Man-doing-pushups.jpg” might be helpful for newbies.

  49. Gloria John says

    Hi, Alex!
    Excellent content posted. On-page SEO is powerful, if you update your website into a well-constructed on-page SEO even you don’t have enough backlinks or off-page SEO, you can still be on the top of the search engines. Fresh and Unique content will automatically perform well in SERP. You can also add a social login to boost traffic.From SEO point of view implementing social login drive a huge number of visitors to your website since it makes the registration process simple and quick. Really great tips of on page SEO, it’s really useful for me as a beginner.Look forward to reading more posts
    Keep it up! Thanks for sharing!

    • Alex says

      Hi Gloria

      Thanks for your nice comment. Make sure you register to my newsletter to receive my new posts.


  50. Fredrick says

    With the effect of building bad links as part of off page, optimizing a website’s on-page is much safer. However should one get it wrong then it could immediately send the site to hell. I loved the fact where you said “Speaking the search engine language” 🙂

  51. Vijay Singh says

    Great content posted.
    On-page SEO is powerful as well as OFF-PAGE SEO, As I have triedI don’t have enough backlinks or DA or PA. Yet One of My Post comes on 1st SERP. because of On-PAGE SEO. You also can be the top of the search engines. As Google, only Considering the Fresh and Unique content which will automatically perform well in SERP.

    Thanks dude for sharing great On-PAGE SEO techniques.

    Thank You

  52. Zeeshan Yousaf says

    Hi Alex,
    it is fantastic article.you fefine very well.all the topics which you defined like (link building,content,URL) are very important for seo.i like it very much.thnaks for sharing

  53. Anees Prizmatic says

    A website ranking is hidden in On-page SEO and I think the strongest the On-page SEO the higher the chances to rank in search results.

  54. Yasar says

    Internal Link & URL Structures are the basic things we should Focus on as well as on other jorgans.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  55. Ydoxy says

    Wonderful article. Robots txt and sitemap is also most important for the website in seo. Good Information for the beginner seo.

  56. Josh says

    Thx for sharing. You have covered a lot of ranking factors in your post. So it is very helpful. Day by day SEO has changed a lot. You have covered everything about On – page SEO. Is Google authorship working now? Someone tell it’s not working now blah blah blah! Is Google changing their rules about Meta Description? I will come back again and find your answer. Overall your post is a complete guideline on On – page SEO. It’s very helpful.

  57. Madhushalini says

    I have to agree with this post especially at this particular advice “Earn links with great content”. Indeed, of you are going to link build then make sure you get yourself a number of quality backlinks. Not only are you setting standards for your page but also increasing the relevancy of the content of your site.

    • Priyanka says

      hi i love this post related to the seo techniques. Google regularly changes it update. In that scenario, it is very important to follow fair seo techniques.

  58. Vishnu says

    Along with website site speed, mobile friendly etc i also think that website DA PA also plays a very important role and also how webmaster is updating content .

  59. Viviiy says

    Hi Alex,

    I have a question re: content length. Does your 1,500 – 2.000 word recommendation apply to site pages as well as blog posts? All the locally targeted keywords relevant to my site are highly competitive, and I’m trying to figure out how much content I should shoot for on each page.

    Thank you!

    • Alex says

      Hi Vivily

      The best way to find out how long to make your blog posts or pages, it to search Google for those keywords and study the first 10 results. This will give you a good indication on how much content to provide. Of course, don’t forget that it’s not always a matter of quantity but quality.

      Hope this helps

  60. Larry Frank says

    Hey Alex,
    Thank you for sharing such great insight on onpage seo.
    I have surely learnt a thing or two.
    Thanks for sharing and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  61. Thommy says

    Really good information!

    Seo can be verry difficult. Because it is changing every day. I had a page on page 2, after it went down to page 3. In about 3 weeks it was on the first page. I really could not believe it. And i did know what to expect from it.

    You really have to keep going on, and keep on changing and moving. If you leave it, you can’t track the outcome, maybe you will end up on page 1. But i think you will and up on page 5.

    Reading more of your posts!
    Thanks and cheers

  62. mike says

    What about the position of content in the page (html code)? Does it help if the content is placed first and the navigation menu is after (using float or position absolute)? Thanks

    • Alex says


      No, not at all. Google is clever enough to distinguish between actual content and navigation elements (or other design elements of a page).


      • mike says

        The problem is that I manage an e-commerce site and the navigation has ~160 internal links to categories. I believe that this navigation menu, being placed before the actual content, negatively influences the pages’ main subject, confusing the search bot. For eg, in the Laptops product listing, the search bot will process the navigation menu first (which contains sub-categories for smartphones, TVs, gaming consoles etc) and I think the search bot might think that the page is more general, because of the variety of keywords in anchor tags. I saw this technique at other competitor websites (which rank higher), I don’t think it’s black hat seo (it’s the same html code for the search bot and a real visitor), I’m just worried that the search bot might not understand the real content and use of the page.


        • Alex says

          Hi Mike

          It’s not black hat SEO for sure and if you have the technical knowledge to do that then go ahead. Making the job of the search engine bots easier, is always a good think.


  63. Harpreet Kumar says

    Thanks bro for providing these useful on page seo techniques, it really gona helps to privide best results for my site 🙂

  64. Syd says

    Great article Alex. What’s your take on SSL certificates? Do you think SSL-certification plays (or will play, in the near future) a significant role in boosting a site’s rankings?

    • Alex says

      Hi Syd

      SSL is important and it will become more important in the near future. Other thighs being equal, an https page will rank higher than a non https page. Besides the ranking advantage, having SSL is also good for the ‘user trust’, which is equally important.


  65. Andy Kuiper says

    Thanks Alex 🙂 All great fundamentals – look after this kind of stuff and Google will reward you with traffic 🙂

  66. Jenny Ross says

    On-page optimization always prioritizes off-page optimization – to ensure your visitors are engaged on your site. The tips you’ve provided are really helpful, especially that concise checklist in the end section.

  67. Sayan Das says

    Hey Alex,
    First of all, I want to thank you for this article. Really good and much-needed information for every blogger.
    Actually, I am new in blogging, your on-page strategy helps me to optimize my blog post.
    Thanks again.

  68. Dean Botha says

    Agreed with your first comment and post, some are starting to do only onpage seo as this is what google respects the most and cannot be spammed

    • John Wood says

      In a less competitive niche you can certainly rank well with only good on-page optimization but with many niches you do need a good overall off-page link building campaign. Creating good content and reaching out to sites in your niche to share it with them and asking for a link back is a good place to start.

  69. Yasar Ali says

    Hey Alex,
    As far as I know, URL structure & Load time are the ranking factors that can be followed easily by a webmaster to rank their sites higher than before.
    Your article & references did help ME!
    Thanks 🙂

  70. Muhammad Hashim Nisar says

    Alex You’ve great brain 😀
    Really i’m so happy today i’m working in a software house as seo expert i can say that i’s only because of you and your articles
    Stay Blessed 🙂

  71. Alton Root says

    Nice Article…Alex
    i want just say without On-page SEO, you can not perform Effective Off-page SEO.

  72. Karen Fletcher says

    Thank you so much for that article. You explained SEO so well and I am no longer confused. Thanks for making SEO so easy to understand. Now I can apply this knowledge to my own website.

  73. Nikhil Reddy says

    Thanks for sharing these relevant tips on On page SEO , SEO experts can’t overlook these SEO factors for Incrasing ranking of their site in search results of Search Engines

  74. Yasar says

    Ultimate Guide.
    I think building do follow & high quality contents to a site organically can also boost site’s traffic.
    Miss it.

  75. Priyanshu Raj says

    Alex, This post is really informative for me..
    I have learned some new tactics today with this post and I am going to Implement them and Share the results here! 😉

    I want to Thank you for this detailed Guide…

  76. Kirti says

    Hi Alex,
    Great post and useful information for on-page SEO optimization. Definitely, on page optimization counts in ranking but from my experience, the most important of all ranking is site authority.

  77. Jabir Mohamed says

    On page SEO (including technical seo) is literally the 80-20 when it comes to ranking. Once you have the technical aspect & basic on page techniques set (as you mentioned) it takes a lot less links to get to the #1 spot. Great article Alex!

  78. Harpreet Kumar says

    Wheb it comes to SEO, On page optimization counted as important part. In your post I very useful information to do better seo for optimize blog post. Thanks Alex

  79. Rahul Yadav says

    Wow! What a great guide Alex. You have explained everything very well. On-page SEO Tips are just awesome. Thank you so much.

  80. Akash Mishra says

    Thank you so much for that article. You explained SEO so well and I am no longer confused. Thanks for making SEO so easy to understand. Now I can apply this knowledge to my own website.

  81. Michel says

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sharing this informative blog. I didn’t have much idea about page categorization and posting videos on website include text description. Thanks again

  82. David Cross says

    Hey Alex! I must say you nailed it! The most detailed on-page SEO article that I’ve found.
    I was doing some research for my next post, and I think I came to the right place, where I can find everything about on-page SEO. Very good job Alex!
    Will make sure to include this page on my next post, because it is so valuable!

  83. Manogna koppula says

    Well written..Thank you so much for sharing the information
    This helps to improve my website ranking

  84. Brad Daoust says

    Great article Alex! I have been reading so many articles talking about backlinks and content being the best way to move up and rankings but this article changes my mindset a bit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  85. Vijay Nagar says

    Thanks for sharing this valuable info about the SEO, It will really help me to improve my site rank, I will definitely try these techniques on my website.

  86. Aditya says

    Thanks for great article Alex, my all doubts have cleared. Can I use H2 and H3 more than one time and can I link other websites as H2 or H3?

  87. Muhammad Raheel says

    Great post and useful information for on-page SEO optimization. These are the good techniques how to get rank your website on first page.Use SEO-Friendly URLs, Start Title With Keyword, Use Responsive Design and Use Outbound Links are the strong on page SEO techniques you have mentioned in your post.

  88. Patrick Leonard says

    Solid list. Quality content seems like it’s become a cliche but “seo-focused content” that doesn’t serve user intent just won’t get the job done.

  89. Sandeep says

    Best SEO technique as per my thoughts is the In-Depth article that provides all the related information of the topic at one place. This is very helpful to get rank in top of google search result.

  90. Rohit Kamboj says

    The content of your website is really good. You have a good knowledge of on-page SEO, really thankful to you. Keep posting. Keep growing.

  91. Naveen Kumar says

    This seems to be like a very good post! We have to follow this on page SEO techniques in order to boost your website on top of the search results.

  92. Helen says

    For quite a long time now I have been following your posts. I must say that it has benefited me and many like me, a lot.

  93. Maria Elena says

    It’s 2019, the world of Google and Facebook, and if you want to be a successful entrepreneur or a business owner you cannot ignore Google and Facebook.

    SEO is the best and economical way to earn more business through Google. But, to be honest SEO these days is difficult. Without on-site SEO you cannot rank your website on the top of the Google.

    I believe that backlinking is still an essential element that helps in gaining top page rank. But, every SEO professional should keep in mind that without an excellent on-site SEO gaining a top page rank is almost impossible.

    Anyhow, this post is great! Anyone who wants to learn on-site SEO should read this post carefully.

  94. Stephen Chong says

    This is a complete guide on what you can do on the site. All the Techniques mentioned are useful and help you in getting good organic results. Thanks for sharing this piece of content.

  95. Jennifer Marry says

    Hi Alex Chris:

    I’m very glad to read easy on-page techniques. Even the beginners will know how to develop their site and generate the traffic to their site.

    The external link should be the do follow link or no follow link?

    The checklist you have given is really amazing.

    Thank you for your valuable lore.

    With Regards,

    Jennifer marry

  96. Lakshmi Ganth says

    For SEO, both On-page and Off-page Techniques are very important. This blog is very useful for me to optimize and boost ranking for my website. Thanks for sharing.

  97. John Smith says

    Yes, I believe on page optimization is very important for SEO. If you cannot do On page optimization properly it will hamper your website. I must say
    the on-page SEO checklist you’ve featured is superb.
    This post was very helpful for me, thanks for sharing.

  98. Justin Jack says

    Every blogger wants to write a stunning blog post that the visitor attract their blog. You have given some points to write stunning blog. There are very helpful for blogger. You covered all point regarding how to write professional blog post. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a nice day!

  99. deepika says

    Thanks for sharing information. Really it’s helpful for us and also for beginners. These new techniques help to improve ranking on search engines.

  100. Pacifique Ndanyuzwe says

    I’m using wordpress, the header tags are arranged by default H1 for the first header and the rest are labeled H2. Some posts have like 4 H2s. Does this harm my seo?

  101. Harpreet says


    This is really a great resource for every webmaster who wants to gain traffic for there website organically.

    Your SEO techniques are very informative for me & a huge thanks for this valuable content!

  102. William Exchange says

    Great post!! There is no need to include your domain name in the title because this is added automatically by Google. You have to make use of 60 characters to provide an accurate title of the page.

  103. Muhammad Bilal says

    Amazing techniques are described in this article. I got much knowledge from this.
    Thanks, Thanks a lot.

  104. Michael N. Murphy says

    Hey, Alex Chirs,
    Thank you so much for your sharing. I am a professional SEO Specialist. Your post is really very informative post.

  105. Steve Brodsky says

    Hey Alex!

    Great content! I have one doubt and would like your advice.
    If we are focusing on more than one target keyword on a single blog post, then how exactly do we start our title?

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Steve

      It’s not a good idea to target more than one keywords with the same post. You will minimize your chances of ranking for any of the keywords. Better keep to a single keyword per post and use synonyms and related keywords in the body of the post.

      Hope this helps


  106. Mayank Kuamr says

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