SEO Audit Services

Our SEO Audit Service has one simple goal: To help you increase your traffic and make your website profitable in the next 60 days, step by step. No more uncertainty or guessing on what works for SEO in 2019. Our SEO Audit is a low cost but effective solution that will put your website in the right direction.

We'll tell you what's wrong and how to fix it. Even if you are still not sure how to do it, We'll do it for you!

Our SEO Audits are MANUAL, performed by experienced SEO Experts and specific to your website.


Why Should I Get an SEO Audit Review?

SEO Audit Services
  • Increase your traffic in 60 Days or get your Money Back
  • Increase visibility in Google & Other Search Engines
  • Improve User Experience & Increase Conversions
  • Maximize your On-Page SEO
  • Get Specific recommendations for link building
  • Understand how to improve the quality of your content
  • Recover or Avoid Google Penalties
  • Customized Action Plan – Unique to your Website
  • Fast Turnaround & Support
  • 200+ checks covering all SEO areas
  • Get better rankings than your competitors
  • Implementation Services (Optional)
  • Learn how to properly SEO your Website from Pros
  • Low cost investment with high returns

Website SEO Audit Deliverables

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO problems can negatively affect your rankings, in many cases without even realizing it. We will review your technical SEO infrastructure and make specific recommendations on how to solve any issues.

On-Page SEO Audit

We will review the on-page SEO structure of your pages (including the homepage) to make sure that you are giving the right 'signals' to Google algorithms.

Content SEO Audit

Is your content SEO friendly? Can it be understood by search engines and at the same time satisfy the user intent? Do users like your content? Our SEO Content Audit will give you all the answers in a language you can understand.

Off Page SEO Audit

We will review your link profile, identify toxic links that may be hurting your rankings and make specific recommendations on how to improve your link profile.

Competitor Analysis

You can learn a lot from your competitors, provided that you know what to look for. Our competitor's analysis will identify what they are doing better and how to replicate their steps to achieve even better results.

Keyword Research Analysis

Everything in SEO stars with a keyword and it's the backbone of successful SEO campaigns. We will make sure that you are targeting the right keywords and give you ideas of new keywords to target to satisfy your user's intent.

Penalty Identification & Recovery

Is your website penalized by Google? Did you experience a sudden decrease in rankings without knowing why? We will tell you if you are under a Google penalty and how to get out of it.

Website Structure Audit

Most people ignore the importance of having a well-defined site structure and this bad for SEO. We will review your website structure and make specific recommendations on how to optimize it and serve your users better.

Custom SEO Strategy

Many websites fail because they don't have a clear SEO strategy in place. As part of the audit, we will suggest an SEO strategy that can work for you.

Action Plan

An audit report without an action plan is just another audit. We will give you a prioritized action plan on what you need to do to improve your SEO performance in 60 days or less. Actionable items that can really make a difference.

Affordable SEO Audit Services

SEO Audit Price$599$699$799
Improve your SEO
Technical SEO Analysis
On-Page SEO Analysis
SEO Content Analysis
Off-Page SEO Analysis
Boost Traffic and Sales
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research Analysis
Penanlty Identification
Ecommerce SEO Audit
SEO Strategy
Action Plan
Email Support
Fast Turnaround
Money Back Guarantee
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How it Works?

  1. Choose your preferred plan and submit your order.
  2. We will review your website and send you some questions.
  3. In a few days, you'll receive a complete audit with a prioritized action plan, specific to your website.
  4. Start working on your website and get the support you need.
  5. Watch your traffic and rankings increase!

Why Choose Us?

  • Our SEO Audits are custom-made, performed by humans and tailor to your website needs.
  • Our website review will cover all areas of Digital Marketing and not just SEO.
  • We can help you implement the changes and manage your SEO on a monthly basis.
  • We have more than 17 years working SEO experience and our recommendations are practical that can produce real measurable results.
  • Long List of satisfied customers who gained real benefit from our SEO Audit Service.
Google Adwords Partner

We are a proud Google Adwords Partner.

What does this mean?

SEO Audit Services FAQ

How long does it take to get my custom seo audit?

Usually it takes aprx. 5 working days from the date the invoice is settled.

What CMS / Platforms are supported?

Our SEO Audits are suitable for all platforms including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and custom developed websites.

I have an ecommerce website, will the audit help me?

Yes, part of the audit is to review ecommerce SEO and provide recommendations on how to improve your traffic and conversion rate.

I'm not a technical person, is it easy to follow the recommendations?

Yes, we use simple and easy to understand language that is suitable for beginners to SEO and non technical persons.

What is the differene between a manual Audit and an SEO Audit tool?

SEO Audit tools give you recommendations based on a number of predefined rules. A manual audit performed by an experienced SEO will tell you why your SEO campaigns are underperforming and how to fix them.

What does Google say about SEO Audits?

They actually recommend it. In their hire an SEO guide, they suggest asking for a technical and search audit before hiring an SEO company.

I need help implementing the changes, can you help?

Absolutely. Our experienced team of developers and SEO professionals can help you implement all the changes suggested in the report.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. If you follow our advice and your traffic does not increase in 60 days, we'll give you a refund.

How can I pay for the SEO Audit?

The SEO Audit report is the only service we provide which is prepaid (for obvious reasons). You can pay by paypal or credit card.

I Still have some questions

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Get in touch using the ‘Order Now’ button and we'll answer all your questions before placing your order.

Customer Testimonials

  • I have to be honest — all of the things I am supposed to be doing for SEO makes my head spin. Alex and his team put together a comprehensive report and spelled out a strategy that I could understand. He then prioritized and broke the important tasks into segments so the work could be done incrementally. This service and the follow-up work has been invaluable to my business.
    Pam Barnhill
    Small Business Owner
  • Thank you, Alex, for a very professional and in-depth service. We hired Alex for an Audit (and currently considering other services) and the results exceeded my expectations. The report was manually made and covered the most important aspects. Furthermore, Alex continued and answer my questions the arose while I was making the recommended changes. Thank you!
    Yaron Shaool
    Internet Entrepreneur
  • Reliablesoft SEO Audit report was really great. We have learned so many things about our website and competitors, that made us rethink our strategy. Believe me when I tell you that you won’t get a better value.
    DR David Russ
  • I have been very happy with your Audit services. The quality of your work is excellent. To be honest – I really do not have anything negative to say. I highly recommend it.
    Chester Flake
  • Our site has greatly improved in the last few months. After reading their audit we have decided to hire reliablesoft, decision that so far showed a high increase in generating conversions for less money invested.
    Gil Guy
  • After deciding to migrate our business website to WordPress, I wanted to make sure that it was optimized for search engines before going live. The audit service I received from reliablesoft was great – fast responses to email, quality work and detail reply to my concerns.
    Govi Reddy
    Owner & CEO

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