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  1. Manfaat Yoghurt says

    Hi Alex

    So the words count in content must be at 2250-2500.
    What I need to ensure that it is the count words in content or count words in webpage?
    Does search engine exclude all the widget words or count it as a word?


    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Manfaat

      Search engines can differentiate between content on the main body and content in the sidebar or widgets. The guideline of around 2500 words is for the main body content (i.e. not counting related posts or widget content).

      Hope this helps

      • Manfaat Yoghurt says

        Hi Alex

        Thank you, your answer was helpful.

        If I refer to wordpress site, is that mean the main body content words is words count that shown in bottom left entry when we write our post(s)?


  2. Mehul singh says

    on page seo and off page seo both are very important for any website to rank in Google & different search engines.


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