How to Optimize your XML Sitemap for Maximum SEO

An optimized XML sitemap can lead to faster indexing and higher rankings. Learn what to include and exclude in your xml sitemap.

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    • Alex says

      Hi Anne

      You only have to submit your sitemap once (provided that it is automatically updated whenever you publish a new post or page).


  1. Akash Gurnani says

    Nice Article Alex Chris, I had setup sitemap but was not getting how to submit it to google. Your article helped me alot. Thanks.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Akash

      Even if you don’t submit your sitemap to Google, they will find it and pick it up but it’s always recommended to submit it via the Google search console and monitor the Coverage report for errors.


  2. Jupiter Jim says

    Amazingly detailed and helpful article. Wanted to make sure that the ‘media (attachments)’ is NOT supposed to be added to XML sitemaps and you confirmed it for me. Plus you allowed me to articulate to my clients why they should have an XML sitemap. Thanks for all the time and effort you spent creating this information!

    ~ Jupiter Jim

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Jim

      Thanks a lot for your nice comment. Glad I could help you understand more about XML sitemaps.


  3. Alice Morel says

    Hello Alex,
    It was a great article thank you for sharing actually i was facing the problem in sitemap and i have read few articles but your articles helped me. Keep sharing in future I would like read some more new articles from you. I will share your article in my social links.

  4. Steve says

    A very detailed post with great insights. Should you include or Exclude Categories in your XML Sitemap just like Tags?

    Kindly, clarify that.

  5. Anchal says

    Hi Chris, I have submitted the sitemap to search console and it is getting indexed regularly. However, I have not submitted the sitemaps in robots.txt.
    Should I add the sitemap to robots even when I have in console already? Please guide.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Anchal

      No, it’s not needed. If you have already added the sitemap in search console, you don’t have to worry about robots.txt


  6. Amisha Mittal says

    This was a very helpful article. I got a clearer idea about the pages I should include and pages not important for my website’s sitemap. Kudos! Could you guide me towards an article with detailed information on News Sitemap to feature in the google news section?

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