How To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy (Steps)

Learn how to create an effective social media marketing strategy with our comprehensive step-by-step guide.

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  1. Riyaz says

    Thanks Alex,

    This is really a masterpiece on Social Media Marketing. However, it missed what should be done for organic traffic. Simply creating content and posting over social media is not going to help, but what if a company just wants to get organic traffic without any paid campaign?

    Would appreciate your thoughts on this.
    Thanks anyways for the great content!

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Riyaz

      Thanks for your comment.

      Your posts should get traction (likes, comments, shares) to get organic traffic from social media without paid campaigns. This will ‘help the algorithms to show your posts to more people. Partnership with influencers is a good way to do that. Another way is to post content that is ‘shareable’ like studies that can potentially get your audience’s attention.

      I hope this helps

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