5 Reasons Your Website Is Not Getting Traffic

Popular reasons you are not getting enough traffic to your website and how to fix it! Simple tweaks can generate big results with minimum effort.

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      • Sriram says

        Good post my website is only 2 months old and I am getting 30-50 pageviews per month I am using yoast seo free plugin should I upgrade to pro version to improve my seo ranking does it worth it

  1. Gary says

    I find this Seo advice straight to the point and easy to understand as I am learning more about this topic ,but saying that I am no expert on this ,well thank you Alex

  2. Tapiwa says

    Great points. Especially the one about your website being under 6 months old. But I think the best thing to do in that time still continue to make great content because Im sure once the search engines begin to trust you more your organic traffic will take a nice steady jump.

    • Alex says

      Hi Tapiwa

      Yes, keep building great content and sooner or later you will see a nice steady jump (and it’s also a great feeling 🙂 ).


  3. Ron says

    Very well made topics on the subject of not receiving enough traffic, especially on your site being “the new kid on the block” sort of speaking.
    New bloggers must be made aware of these types of “stumbling blocks” if they are to accomplish their specific goals of running a proficient website in this day and age, good job!

  4. Uthman saheed says

    Thanks for this post…I like the fact that a lot of SEO companies out there and they could posibly impliment wrong tactics.

  5. Kayla says

    I’ve had my domain for about 3 months and am getting absolutely no traffic. Is it just the age of my domain or should I be getting some traffic here and there by now? I do have pretty tough competition.

  6. Biplab Acharjee says

    My website visitor fall from 170k to 70k in between 2 month.
    I am not understanding whats wrong? Well thanks for your SEO Guide, Late me check it out. I will tel you later about the impact of your SEO Guide.

  7. alicia says

    My website traffic goes down in just one month and it has some sort of bumps as well. Although I am not targeting very competitive keywords yet its traffic is low. I will keep in mind the points you discussed here and try to change my content strategy. Thanks.

  8. Muthukrishnan says

    Thanks for the amazing article.Still am working on my blog to get more traffic. Your article is useful for me.

  9. Jeevan Punetha says

    Thank you, Alex Sir…
    This blog post is very helpful…now I understand that…why I was not getting traffic in my website.

  10. Saryan Sha says

    This was a nice article to read – easy to read, had all the points I had a doubt about, and by the end of reading it, it cleared any doubts I had.

    I have a blog that’s less than six months old on the Internet. I guess that explains why I’m getting not so many visitors to my blog.

    Nice article!

  11. Patrick McCoy says

    Really good article to point out some of the mistakes most people are making with articles. I would also add to the article that people need to share more and they need to wait. Sometimes, Google takes a long time to rank a website. It doesn’t happen overnight. Getting listed by Google is for sure a long term game and not a short game.

  12. Aminul Islam says

    HI Alex,
    Thanks for the wonderful post.
    I think Panda and Penguin didn’t hit my site as it is fresh and less than 6 months old.
    After reading your post, I am waiting for my sites maturity.

  13. subham chatterjee says

    very good and easy guidings of SEO to get Traffic
    I used to think to build a website and earn money, but that was not easy. The main thing is traffic to the website. I do have a website that doesn’t generate good traffic, and that is why I have come across to your article and believe me it helped a lot.
    Thank You for writing this article.

  14. Tod Marcus says

    I’ve been trying to blog honestly good content for nearly a year and have about 60 pages.

    Google indexed about 20 of them and I only get a trickle of traffic and I cant figure out why.

    Am I really a bad writer? I don’t think I’m THAT bad.

    I don’t do much if any SEO because I keep reading “just write good content”.

    My plan is to stick with it and hope that my writing improves or I get lucky and get some powerful, natural links based onb my content alone.

    Am I kidding myself? I hope not.

  15. Akhilesh More says

    Thanks for the good article. Unfortunately we had hired a wrong seo firm and that’s reason the why we hadn’t receive any traffic.

    Things are changing now, though slowly, I hope we would be able to rank for the keywords we intend. From now on i am extra cautious about seo.

  16. Alex Chris says


    It’s true that hiring the wrong SEO firm can generate the opposite results. Since things are changing for you now, be patient and monitor your rankings closely. If you see an improvement then it means that you are in the right track, if not then you should consider taking more drastic measures.


  17. Andrey says

    if I found this guide from the beginning, surely I would not be confused to find ways to bring traffic to my ”ghost town” blog

    thanks Alex, I’ll follow you in twitter

  18. Ayush says

    Loved the article. My website is relatively new (3 Months to be Exact), Some posts are ranking on the first page as well but most of them aren’t even ranking.
    As of now, working towards publishing great content and waiting for google to rank organically.

  19. Pritesh Patel says

    Thanks for sharing the valuable article. I was looking for the same. I would lie to ask you one question if I use competitive keywords in my title and description and LSI keywords in my content. would it help me?

  20. Philip says

    I appreciate the very helpful points to consider in driving organic traffic to my blog. Traffic is the aim of any blog and without anyone reading your blog post, monetization becomes a nightmare. Thanks a lot.

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