How to Remove Bad Backlinks From Google (5 Easy Steps)

A complete step-by-step guide on how to find and remove toxic and spammy links from Google.

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  1. Vishwajeet Kumar says

    Hello Alex,
    Backlinks are backbone for a website and help to rank in SERP. Bad backlinks is one of the headaches for. Your article really save my day. Thanks for this great and detailed post.


  2. Yasar says

    Hi Alex,
    Thank you for this detailed guide.
    You used some paid tools which are very expensive & which we cannot afford.
    Can you please let us know which free tool can we use to discover & remove bad backlinks to our site especially when building backlinks to a site by commenting on spammy sites.

  3. Carolyn says

    Removing bad backlinks is so important. They can bring your rankings crashing down and push up your spam score.
    Great post!

  4. Brian says

    Thank you for the advice. I run a small SEO firm and am great at getting good backlinks, but occasionally I let a bad one slip through and it can be toxic to the rankings. Google Disavow is something I didn’t know how to approach until now so thanks for the great article. I also would like to reiterate that semrush is a great resource for finding these backlinks and most importantly prevention is the best solution!

  5. Jesse says

    I had no clue about the disavow feature in Google. Interesting article! I really enjoyed it. I would just say “Do everything White Hat Seo”. You will not have any problems.

  6. Nick @ says

    One of the most important takeaways is that Google knows that bad links pop up and can differentiate when it’s done on purpose. They’re smart enough to ignore the others which is why the disavow tool should really only be used if you have a big problem, and know that shady links were created on your behalf.

  7. Amelie says

    Hi, thank you very much for providing detailed information… I watched so many videos, most of them advise leaving an email to the webmaster to remove or not take into consideration of bad backlinks. Is it a fairway that I can do. Thanks in advance.

  8. Eugen says

    That is what I really tried to find for 2 hours. Thank you so much for great tutorial. Brilliant information!

  9. Viral Jatt says

    Why We Are Using Hash Tag Character In The Disavow File . Can anybody can answer it i Googled it but nothing seemed to be helpful.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Viral

      The # in the disavow file is used to add comments in the file or to make your file easier to read. It is ignored by Google, so it’s up to you to use it or not.

      Hope this helps

  10. Ghanatech says

    Will the backlinks disappear by itself over time? I used backlink generator and now my domain authority has dropped. On link analysis i have 16% bad backlinks, do i need to remove them or is this number not critical?

  11. Naveen Kumar says

    I’ve found this information very helpful as many people can get help from your blog.I really appreciate your research and blog.Waiting for your next posting.

  12. parveen iiadm says

    Nice blog, Your blog is easily understandable and give complete information about clean bad links. Thanks for your great blog.keep it up I am waiting for your next blog.

  13. Suhail Ahmad Sofi says

    I was sick of some sensitive backlinks of my site. Just typed how to remove bad backlinks from the console in the google and reached this post. Understood well how to do it. Going To Disavow these backlinks rght now. Thanku for sharing.

  14. Tony says

    Hi it is really great helps,I am chinese but I usually learn SEO from some good english blog, your article is useful and easy to understand.

    Good job!

  15. Sarah Smith says


    I’m trying to find an absolute working strategy to remove low-quality backlinks. You have shared some amazing strategies, a great way to remove bad quality backlinks and I must try them. Thank you so much for sharing such a great resource. You just save my time and also my website.


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