7 Practical Steps to Increase Your Domain Authority (DA)

In this guide you'll learn exactly how to improve your domain authority score. Practical tips that are proven to work.

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  1. Jaime Olaer says

    Hi Alex,

    As an expert, do you think that MajesticSEO Trustflow is also metrics that should be look into? I am not sure of there is a correlation between DA and Trustflow.


    • Alex says

      Hi Jaime

      I’m not familiar with Trustflow but most probably its a metric similar to DA. You can look into it but don’t get over obsessed with metrics. They can indicate how strong your domain is but what is more important is traffic and rankings.


      • Jaime Olaer says

        Hi Alex,

        Thanks for sharing your opinion.
        Yes, that is true traffic and ranking in Google search results is important and probably is the best metrics.

  2. Nick Stamoulis says

    There might not be a direct relationship between social shares and rank but social activity helps SEO indirectly. Build up your followers, share great content, and it will get linked to naturally. And we know inbound links most definitely are a ranking signal.

    • Alex says

      Hi Nick

      Good points. Social activity does help SEO indirectly and it also influences DA.

      All the best

  3. Alena Sham says

    After being turned down for a sponsored post and being told my DA was only 10 I was a bit miffed:/
    Came to google to find out what it meant and found your article.
    Thanks for the help.

  4. Angelina Bilek says

    Your article about increasing domain authority is very helpful and informative. After reading we tried to note this following tips. So we are waiting 😀

  5. Pranit Patil says

    Great post and useful information on how to increase domain authority of website.Domain authority is important for site to rank higher in search engines. It defines the score of website for increasing DA the one you have defined increasing social signals is much needed.thanks for sharing this.

  6. Yash Singh says

    Thanks Alex, for sharing these 7 amazing steps to increase DA. After reading this blog I’ll definitely follow all the steps.

  7. Gursimrat kaur says

    Thanks Alex for these amazing tips. Your posts are always useful and easy to read. I have learned a lot from you about SEO. I was a total newbie for this. Now I know lot.
    Thanks again.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Gursimrat,

      Welcome to the exciting world of SEO! Good luck with your learning efforts.


  8. Nisarg Patel says

    hi Alex,
    Your article about increasing domain authority is very helpful and informative for me. Thank you For Sharing.

  9. Beth Hein says

    Hey Alex,

    Thanks for writing this post, but I have few questions in my mind, recently while talking to some of my website’s potential buyers, found out that Domain authority is one factor that can fetch me some extra money, but I am confused on how can I quickly increase it, whether I should work on it or let it be?

    Also While researching about DA, I have found out another metric called MajesticSEO Trustflow, is it also worth following & working?

    Looking forward to a quick response.

    ~ Beth Hein

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Beth

      Yes MajesticSEO Trustflow is definitely something you can follow and work to improve.


  10. Pablo Heras says

    Thanks for this post!! It really helps me to understand how DA works and now I have to start to improve mine

  11. Thomes says

    Very useful article. Thanks for sharing.

    Is it going to harm if I have multiple links pointing to same url on a page?

    Also, I have several hyperlinks with text ‘View details’ on a page that point to different internal pages. Having relevant keywords in link text will help but not suitable for site design. Will it help if I have alt text for hyperlinks with ‘View details’ text in this case?

  12. adhip says

    Hi Alex
    Thank you for your article it has helping me lot
    Previously my my website DA was very low
    thank you

  13. Shubham Bhardwaj says

    very encouraging content, domain authority (DA) is very important for every website. higher DA means good ranking in search results. So, increasing DA is very important and I will apply all the methods you described in this article to increase my DA.
    Regards, Shubham

  14. rosshhun says

    Thanks for giving such an excellent information due to this article i have learned a lot about DA and i want to buy your book

  15. Sarika says

    Hi Alex,

    The above techniques are really helpful to get high DA but nowadays getting the backlink from other blogs have become really hard. Can we get backlinks from tech forums and if yes so can we achieve higher DA with it?

    please explain.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Sarika

      As long as they don’t have the ‘nofollow’ attribute and they are coming from really high quality forums, they can definitely help.


  16. Binod Jha says

    Hi! Alex
    DA is a major element of a blog. Higher DA does rank easily high KD keywords by doing good on-page SEO but lower DA website takes time and effort.
    I’ll consider your 7 tips on my blog that could help me to increase DA.
    Thanks! for sharing a useful post here.

  17. pranit says

    Great article! I have been looking for various techniques and methods on improving domain authority for my website. Here I have found your article very nice and very useful. Thanksa lot for sharing this valuable information.

  18. Dinesh Ramakrishnan says

    Hi Alex,

    This is what I’m looking for. You have explained well about DA improvements.

    I checked my site and it is mobile friendly. Regarding page load speed, I checked google page speed insights and Pingdom tools. Both tools are giving different metrics. Which one should I trust?

    Could you please suggest.


    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Dinesh

      See what recommendations provided by both tools you can fix and then look at the actual time your website takes to load in different locations using pingdom. Don’t get over-obsessed with Page speed insights.

      Hope this helps

  19. Duncan says

    The information here is rich rich rich. I was shocked to figure out how my website has a low DA. Now, I am on the web for the past 6 months. Does the domain duration (In terms of time) determine the position of the Domain Authority (low/high)?

  20. Mostafa .S Ali says

    As a fresh newbie in the seo business, I’m glad that I came here because I really wanted to know in more depth what is DA and PA means and I wanted to increase them for my website.
    This article was an informative and helpful guide for me.
    Thanks you Alex for that.

  21. Vck says

    These are really important steps to follow. It really helped me. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  22. Avnish pandey says

    Such a good article for beginners. I always follow your articles which are pretty good and help us get a good SEO knowledge…

  23. Sandeep says

    My site was doing good in Google search, then I found it is losing ranking I checked on Ahrefs that there are some Arabic sites who copied my contents and linked back to the site.
    Can it cause the downrank?
    My DA is 22 as if now.

  24. Jasper Issac says

    This was wonderful to read and will be useful for a newbie who is looking to increase the DA and PA.

  25. Harmeet Singh says

    Hey Alex, again its very informative and your writing style is so easy to understand. I love your blog all the time. Keep it up good work buddy.

  26. Nick Jonas says

    This is an excellent information about website DA and PA , ranking on googlle search engine. thanks for giving nice information.

  27. Kristine Chua says

    What amazing information regarding DA. I will surely implement for my new website. Thanks a lot for sharing these tips.

  28. Akash says

    Domain authority really matters to increase the rankings of our site. By the way, nice article.

  29. Allen Hudson says

    thanks for the in-depth details… From now I will try to improve the internal linking structure. I didn’t know it helps that much in SEO.

  30. Harsh Kumar says

    Thank you very much for explaining about the Moz DA. I will start building good quality link for my blog by guest posting. I hope it will help to increase my site’s DA PA.


  31. Sajol Fuad says

    Hi Alex,
    I am totally new in the world of blogging. I generally prefer quality and fresh content.
    However, this was a brilliant helpful post as well.

  32. Anil singh says

    Thanks you cleared my concept regarding seo tricks for new blog i am only aware about link building but now a days google measures on various factors.

  33. Dharti says

    Thank you so much for this Amazing information.

    It is very useful for me. because I am beginner for this field.

  34. Andri P says

    The DA PA are quite accurate. I have a site with DA 38 and PA 34. This site has avarage position of 46.8 in Google search result for the main keyword. The winner has DA 54 and PA 56.
    The second winner has around 48 and 50 for the DA and PA.

  35. Elochiblog says

    Hello Alex,

    i must say you did well, i was searching for some tips on increasing my Domain Authority and behold i landed on this site.

    The steps and tips you gave are so much interesting, really love it.

    with the above tips, am gonna restructure my site mostly on the contents and SEO to improve my DA. Thanks for sharing this article.

    have a nice day.

  36. Himani Bhardwaj says

    Thanks a lot, Alex! This article is really informative. It helps a lot! I have a simple question – what is the difference between Domain Authority and domain Score?

  37. James Smith says

    To be very honest DA and PA helps to increase value to your blogs specially when you proving guest posting services to the SEO Agency.

  38. surendra says

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sharing such an important insight on DA and page rank. I will definitely implement it on my site.


  39. Kunu KD says

    I read all parts of your article and feel why i din’t do that before. Thanks buddy

    Kunu KD

  40. Brian Keller says

    Does Domain Authority (DA) “cause” rankings to increase, or are they simply correlated?

    In other words, does Google take a website’s DA into account and rank websites with higher DA higher up on their results, or is DA simply an outcome/measurement of a high-ranking website?

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Brian

      Google has its own way of measuring the authority of a page, this is known as PageRank. It’s an internal value used by their algorithm that takes into account a number of parameters. In the past, the PR of a page was given public but this is no longer the case. So, other companies have come up with the concept of DA to give users an alternative way of understanding how strong a domain is.

      To answer your question, it’s both. Usually websites that have a high DA rank higher, and websites that rank high, have a high DA.

      Hope this helps

  41. Thev2 says

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for this wonderful information.
    I was stuck in this since a long time.

    It really works for my blog to increase Domain Authority of my website.



  42. Rabia | Entrepreneur Friend says

    Hey Alex
    Thank you for a well-written and easy reading article on the subject of Domain Authority. I am currently writing an article on SEO for my readers who are at a beginner’s level. This article has cleared few misconceptions I had about SEO and has given me the much-needed clarity on what my readers and I should be focusing on SEO in order to improve our search engines rankings and in DA scores.
    Best wishes

  43. Bhavesh says

    Thanks for the helpful information which you provided for us and this will help us to understand how to create DA and PA

  44. Saily says

    Well explained and helpful information which you provided for us and this absolutely will help us to understand how to create DA and PA score.

  45. Georgie says

    All these things to take into account, it feels like a full time job in itself

    Great article with loads of content

    Thanks very much

  46. Sneha Rao says

    Thanks ALEX. I followed all your steps and my DA increased from 25 to 30. I am so glad.

  47. King Crescent says

    Thanks for sharing this post Alex, well written post on how to improve DA of a website.. I will apply it on my website.

  48. Adeolu Adefarakan says

    I was searching Google for good domain rating when I saw your content. My blog is new, and I’ve done about 90% of the seven ways to increase DA you wrote here.

    Guess what; the #7 is what I love the most “BE PATIENT.” I’ll keep improving my SEO with the hope that one day, I’ll be ranking higher on SERPs.

    Thanks for the post, Alex.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Adeolu

      Unfortunately increasing your domain authority is one of the tasks that takes time. keep working on your SEO and sooner or later, you’ll reach your goals.

      All the best

  49. Saily says

    Thank you for the great information which is really helpful and these tips absolutely improve our website DA and PA score, thank you again such a nice blog post.


  50. Peter Farber says

    very informative article for new blogger to understand all about domain authority and how to increase it. Really appriciate it!

  51. White Ambition says

    Excellent Information Shared by You About Domain Authority and Page Authority. Very Easy to Understand and all Terms Defined Very Clearly. Keep Sharing. ☺

  52. jerry holmes says

    Good explanation of how it works and what factors in. Social networks have change SEO for the worst but I have to make those changes it looks like.

  53. ranjeet kumar says

    Such great information you provided here everything is in detail and this is quality content.
    thanks for sharing this.

  54. mobasir hassan says

    patient is important as we get frustrated to see Domain score and after Moz domain authority 2 measurement i often get frustrated. will surely look into all the topics and implement them in my blog. Thanks for such a informative article to help better understanding domain authority.

  55. Preethi says

    It’s a very helpful article. I got the clear information about natural link building & the importance of hreflang. Thanks for sharing these kind of informative articles.

  56. Jonathan Ejere says

    This article really saved me after i read about bad links
    Thank you sou much for this article

  57. Jean Michel Caupain says

    We’ve been talked into using primarily social media to attract clients, but as time progressed it seemed like Google brought most of our clients. I never checked my stats (or those of our competitors) with MOZ. Very convenient tool, which I’ll most definitely use. Thank you!

  58. Embracing Nirvana says

    Do you think it makes any difference in DA or SEO rankings using WordPress VS. coding a website yourself?

    • Alex Chris says

      No difference at all. Good SEO practices can be applied to all kinds of websites. DA is not related in any way with how a website is coded.

      Hope this helps

  59. Md Safir says

    Thank you for sharing valuable knowledge. This article really saved me after I read about bad links and Mobile friendly.

  60. Mayur Sonagara says

    In this new era of SEO, Content and UX are most important. For off page SEO, Link earning is difficult but plays the most vital role in ranking for your targeted keywords.

  61. Kami says

    Hi! Is Consistency of publishing posts will help us in Domain Authority ? I observed some site having DA 40 with zero Content how it is Possible


    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Kami

      No, it will not help. Indirectly it might help since more content (if it’s good), can increase the chances of getting natural backlinks. Backlinks do impact DA.

      Hope this helps

  62. Jonak Axom says

    Thanks a lot for this post!! It really helps me to gain knowledge about how DA works and now I will use this method in my website❤️

  63. Sarah says

    Found out about DA after blogging for a year and I must say these tips has helped me a lot to understand it better.

  64. Simo says

    Great post and useful information on how to increase domain authority of website.Domain authority is important for site to rank higher in search engines. Thanks for sharing this.

  65. Md Abdul Samim says

    Great post. Thank you for sharing this useful information. I have a blog for about 4 months and currently its domain authority is 1. I was very worried about it, although traffic is coming on it right now. After reading your post, doubts about DA became clear.

  66. Israel olabanji says


    Your article on how to increase Domain authority is helpful for me. I implemented some of your keys points and it really helped my site.

  67. Arifur Rahman says

    Hi, This article is very helpful who want to increase his website domain authority .

  68. Vicky says

    Thanks for this post, It really helps me to gain knowledge about how DA works and now I will use this method in my website

  69. Johnny Kims says

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you so much for this post.
    Your simplified explanations were just as I needed them. Your article was so helpful.


  70. Aditya says

    Thank you for this post Alex!

    I have done some mistakes in the past. From now on, I will implement your SEO strategies on my websites.

    Have a great day!

  71. Ronnie says

    Thank you Alex for this useful information.
    Can you please tell me how to indexing post quickly?
    My post takes too much time to indexed.

  72. john says

    Awesome article man. I was quite worried about DA score but after reading your article, I will be patient for a while. this article will be very much useful for people who think DA is all about link building

  73. Abduljabbar Ramadhan Ali says

    Thanks for sharing such an impressive article. I have been looking for ways of increasing my domain authority but now I think I have found it. I’ll put your tips into use.

  74. Eva Elfie says

    Nice article! I have to admit I am a way too much obsessed with my domain authority, I check twice a day at least 😂

  75. James Nguma says

    Thank you Alex for this great post. I will apply the tips to keep growing my domain authority.

  76. Pritika Arjun Kumar says

    Hi Alex

    Great post. definitely, I’m going to use these tips to make my blog a bit more strong. Thanks again for sharing

  77. Saif sheikh says

    Thanks, Alex

    I don’t have any idea about how to improve domain authority, but this guide helps me.

  78. Saily says

    Thanks you for your great article. I love your efforts and explanations about domain authority. It really help me to increase information about why and how DA works. These methods are are really useful for me I will use in my website.

  79. Shahure says

    Thanks a lot for this post!! It really helps me to gain knowledge about how DA works and now I will use this method in my website❤️

  80. Pradip Nalwaya says

    YES! you’re right. “A low DA score does not mean that website will not perform well on Google.”.

    Because I have my own Experience.

    When I started my blog and only one post have in the blog. I Only Focus on ONPAGE SEO and Within 24 Hours My post is ranking in google 2nd pos.

    So If Content, Keyword Research is Good then it will Work. (Conditions Apply in some cases only 🙂 )

  81. eason says

    I am learning seo. This article gives a detailed introduction to the method of improving DR score, which is very useful. Thank you!

  82. Shivam Gumber says

    I was so anxious about my website’s domain authority so I searched for how to increase it. As an SEO beginner, I’ve tried some of the things you’ve mentioned also but the most important point I like is being patient. It’s a must for SEO.

  83. Hong Chien says

    Thanks Alex, very helpful post.
    I have learned more about DA. The process of increasing DA is not easy.

  84. Naresh A says

    Hey Alex ,
    You Explained everything about domain authority is really simple way. Can we increase domain authority using paid ads like facebook or google ads.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Naresh A

      No, running paid ads will not increase the domain authority of a website.

      I hope this helps

  85. Komal says

    You Explained everything about domain authority in a really simple way. Can we increase domain authority using paid ads like Facebook or Google ads?

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Komal

      Thanks for your comment. No, paid ads won’t help you increase your domain’s authority.


  86. Kumar Abhishek says

    Dear sir
    Such a wonderful article for domain authority
    Tremendous art of writing..
    Kumar Abhishek

  87. Meghana Sathish says

    Excellent post, I got very informative and valuable content about SEO which helps me a lot to improve my knowledge on SEO, thanks a lot for sharing, keep sharing such useful information.

  88. Salman Bin Jaffar says

    Thank you so much Alex for sharing such a meaningful information. I’ll follow your mentioned techniques to increase the domain authority of my website.

  89. Brenda Schrier says

    Alex, good stuff!
    Have you ever done any research on how accurate DA really is as a ranking factor?
    During the last 2 years I did a lot of work on my site on SEO, content and (white hat) link building. I improved my site’s ranking to be in the top 3 Google results for most relevant keywords and increased traffic by 1000% (yes, no typo, the site had not much traffic before). – Still my DA actually fell from 21 to 19 during that time.
    So, I wonder how important DA really is.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Brenda

      Thanks for your comment. As mentioned in the article, the DA is just a number used by third-party tools (not Google) to predict how well a page will perform on Google. There is no direct colleration between actual rankings and DA.

      I hope this helps

  90. Teqnovos says

    This blog is very helpful in terms of boosting the DA of the website. I will use some of the tips and tasks that are mentioned here.

  91. Sudhansu says

    It’s amazingly written content on domain authority. I’m actually learning about this with your helpful blog.

  92. Vinod says

    The content about domain authority is valuable. I will do on-page SEO and off-page SEO for my site. Thank you

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Vinod

      Yes, starting with off-page SEO and then on-page SEO, is a great way to improve your domain authority.

      All the best

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