What to Look For When Hiring an SEO Company?

When hiring an SEO company you should be careful not to fall in the hands of spammers or fake SEO. A reliable SEO firm offers many other services besides SEO.

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  1. Stella says


    Everything has mentioned about a reputation SEO firm. Today, Google is getting hard day by day so SEO firm should adopt new techniques as per the update.

  2. Elinajones says

    Really great guide for hiring seo company and you shared an perfect snap for online business owners. Thanks for sharing such an awesome information with us.

  3. Ronnie Charrier says

    Some good info there Alex. I especially believe the part you mentioned about SEO not being only about SEO is important. As you mention, there are a lot of “SEO experts” that will use black hat techniques to give their clients a big boost in the beginning and then disappear, leaving the client to deal with the mess they have on their hands (I’ve worked with a number of clients in this situation).

    I think it’s vital that clients ask about how SEO fits into their current marketing plan, or having whoever they work with design a marketing plan. Good, long term results will only happen when SEO works in conjunction with content, social media, relationship building, etc.

  4. Sanjib Biswas says

    It’s a nice post. For many years I am trying to hire a SEO company to do SEO for my site. Your article will help me a lot in searching for an affordable SEO firm.

  5. Fred says

    The “too good to be true” thing is a bit of a paradox – you don’t want to look for a company that promises the moon, because it’s usually a lie, but on the other hand you don’t want to hire a company that says “well, we can’t really promise any results”.

    I suppose perhaps the best thing to look for is a company that offers some sort of guarantee (ie. money back guarantee).

  6. Ashley Maxwell says

    I really appreciate how you said that SEO is helpful when you want to be ranked on search engines. I also like how you said that the company you hire must be reliable and have had a lot of success. If a restaurant or cafe was looking into SEO consulting for their business and website, I would assume that they would keep your tips in mind.

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