5 Ways to Lower CPC Costs in Your PPC Campaigns

Learn how to reduce the average CPC costs of your Google Ads campaigns.

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  1. harry says

    This is a great article. Fortunately I’ve been implementing all of this already. However I’ve noticed a problem when adding in the long tail keywords – a lot have low search volume, which !means they don’t show ads. I’ve got a mixed bag of long tails that have a relatively even search volume, but most just don’t have enough searches to qualify for the ads. More annoyingly, they’re terms which actually make sense! I think using long tails words in ads is a great theory, but I’ve found its quite limited. This could be my researching but I’ve personally found the landing pages a more successful venture for lowering costs and increasing profit. This is a great article though, thanks!

  2. jerry john says

    Such an informative and great article, every PPC beginner must read this article this is very helpful for me and peoples who want to become a PPC expert. I believe that PPC is one of the shortest ways to make money in digital marketing it gives you quick results of your investment but is a tricky process you need to be very careful while doing PPC.

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