How To Become a Freelance Digital Marketer (No Experience)

This is the ultimate beginner’s guide to freelance digital marketing. Learn how to get started, how to build the necessary skills, and what to expect in terms of salary.

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  1. Colette says

    Good read and interesting information. I am keen on entering a digital career, either SEO or PPC Specialist. Thank you for the info.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Colette

      Both SEO and PPC are great career options for digital marketers. Glad you found this post useful.

      All the best

  2. Jackson Chua says

    Truthly amazing post, I am so glad to found and read through it every single word. I am new and intend to learn digital marketing skills. I have no clue where to start and amazingly your blog content can answer all my questions!

    Thank you Alex for sharing your wonderful experience and knowledge to us.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Jackson

      Thanks for your comment. Glad I could help you understand what freelance digital marketing is and how to get started.

      All the best,

  3. Jobvigo says

    I loved your blog and thanks for publishing this content about freelance digital marketing!! I am really happy to come across this exceptionally well written content. I like how you have researched and presented these exact points so clearly. Thanks for sharing and look for more in future!!

  4. Srba says

    I’m a 19 year old from Serbia looking forward to become a freelance digital marketer to finance my studies. This blog helped me a lot, Thank you for sharing this valuable info with us!

  5. Pramod.K says

    Hi Alex,

    That was a nice piece of information on Digital Marketing. I have been planning to shift my expertise onto Digital marketing and have been stuck on thinking were to start.Your blog helped me a lot to understand.

  6. Preeti Singh says

    You explained it very beautifully. Its very inspiring for beginners. Language is the best part, so simple and convincing.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Preeti

      Freelance digital marketing is an exciting industry to be in. Good luck with your efforts!


  7. Ojaswi Agarwal says

    Thank you so much for this blog Alex, I was completely lost in figuring out how to do things and in what order and so much more but this article solved it all for me so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Ojaswi

      I’m happy to hear that my blog helped you figure things out.


  8. Kavitha says

    Thank you Alex for sharing the most demanding information on digital marketing. I got stuck in my freelance career and this article helped me to understand and how to move forward.
    I read most of your articles. You give solid information in simple language rather than the usual pieces of stuff. If I need any info regarding digital marketing, I will turn up to your website. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Kavitha

      Thanks a lot for commenting. All the best with your freelance digital marketing career.


  9. Brij Bhushan says

    Love this blog. So happy I found it. I’m interested in getting into the digital marketing world and looking for all the insight I can get to do my research and figure out what specifically I want to specialize in. Thanks so much!

  10. Satish says

    Hey Alex,

    I must say it’s a good read and quite informative about the subject, simply an eye-opener to dive into the digital marketing space. Many thanks for sharing it and look forward to many such blogs in the future…

  11. Bobby Dennie says

    Hey, Alex, thanks for this great piece of content. Even though I have done this for over 10 years, I learned some new things, which helped me regroup and plan my next move. I should try to find other freelancers or small agencies to share thought tips and jobs. Cheers!.

  12. Vaishali says

    Hi Alex, I am a beginner in this field with zero work experience. After reading the content, I learned the structure to build my career as a freelancer in digital marketing. Thank you very much.

    • Alex Chris says


      Thanks for letting me know. I hope you can build a great career as a freelance digital marketing professional.

      All the best

  13. Andrew Agassi says

    I’m thrilled to read this blog post about becoming a freelance digital marketing professional in 2023! The blog’s insights on pricing strategies are invaluable. Freelancers often struggle with determining the right pricing structure. Offering various packages and being transparent about costs can certainly make the decision-making process easier for clients, which can lead to more business.
    Overall, this blog post provides an excellent roadmap for anyone looking to dive into the world of freelance digital marketing in 2023.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Andrew

      Thanks for your nice comment, glad I could help you figure out how to get into freelance digital marketing.

      All the best

  14. Fixnhour says

    Insightful guide! Great breakdown of freelance digital marketing, from roles to earnings. Helpful tips for beginners and where to find freelance jobs. Awesome resource for a head start in this field!

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