What Is Off Page SEO? Top 10 Off-Page SEO Techniques

A comprehensive guide to off-page SEO strategy. Learn everything you need to know about the top off-page SEO tactics.

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  1. Abdul says

    Alex i am in confusion that those link building methods which you mentioned above that is worthy or will it be count in spam links or not ? please explain that will it works ?

    • Alex Chris says

      Abdul Hi and thank you for your question. First of all I apologise if I have confused you. The methods described above are in my opinion worthless and you better stay away. Some people may insist that they still work but the truth is that none of the above methods is accepted by Google so sooner or later they will go after them. I can see from the link you gave me that you have just started a tech blog…my suggestion is the following:

      1) Forget about off page SEO for the next 6 months
      2) Try to build quality content on a consistent basis (2-3 times per week)
      3) Promote your content on social media
      4) After 6-8 months try to find a couple of good websites in your niche that accept guest posts and send them your contributions

      You can read how I approach link building and from where to get valuable links that matter in Chapter 12 of my SEO Guide.

      Hope this helps

      • Gary Jordan says

        Hi Alex,

        I read your article and the majority of it makes sense but some of the content seems to be conflicting in nature. How does a search engine recognize that a webmaster “likes” your content therefore “naturally” adding a link compared to a webmaster just adding a link because you asked them to?

        Is it because they place it in an article instead of a stand alone link? Is it the time frame in which a reciprocal link is placed?

        I think there is confusion because there is no real explanation, just a statement of ‘not to do it’.

        • Alex says

          Hi Gary

          Search engines have build intelligent patterns over the years that recognize natural links from artificial links. It’s not as hard as it sounds, the experienced eye can easily distinguish between good and bad links and they have managed to transform this into automated checks build in their algorithms.

          The best thing you can do is to stay away from anything that can get you into trouble either now or in the future.

          White-hat SEO methods (which also includes link building) is the best approach to follow.

          Hope this helps

      • Austin Ruflo says

        So you mean to say on page SEO is more powerful than off page. BTW nice article. it helped a lot thanks.

        • Alex says

          You need both on-page SEO and Off-Page SEO for the best possible results. Once you get on-page SEO right then spend your time and effort on Off-Site SEO.


      • Vijeesh Vijay says

        That is a great suggestion for new blogs. Whenever I start a new website or blog, I do not build links from the beginning instead focus on growing the blog first.
        However I do create profiles on major social media websites and also Q and A sites like Quora and also a few niche websites and try to do branding by regular posting, answering questions etc. The idea is not to get backlinks but to increase awareness about the brand and get some direct traffic too.

        • Alex says

          Hi Vijay

          That’s a very good approach. Off page SEO is not just for getting links but also for increasing brand awareness.

          All the best

  2. Eilidh MacRae says

    Hi Alex! Great post, very clear and concise advice about off site SEO.

  3. Mitch says

    Great article, Alex—I learned a lot.

    How are unnatural links defined? And how do determine what is unnatural or what is in violation of Google/search engine rights?

    • Alex says

      Mitch Hi,

      Thank you for your comments.

      Can you please see my reply to @joydeep below? I will try to address this issue in a new post with hopefully better explanations and examples.

      Thanks a lot

  4. Rahul Dass says

    hi Alex your knowledge about website SEO was really helpful for me thanks a lot for all the information…

  5. joydeep says

    Hi I m from India as I m New to SEO your contents are great really guiding me well .but I am still getting confusing about natural link and artificial links

    • Alex says


      I know that for beginners to SEO this is confusing but think about it like this:

      Natural links: A webmaster likes a website or webpage and places a link from its own webpage because he believes that it would benefit his users

      Artificial links: When you buy , exchange or ask someone to place a link for the purpose of getting higher rankings.

      I will prepare a new post about this and try to think of other ways to explain the difference. Hope that helps for now,


  6. Mr. H. N. Smith says

    Hello Alex! I have question about your post.. Someone told link exchange and comment posting is black hat technique ins’t rihgt?

    • Alex says

      Hi Mr Smith

      It depends on how it is done. For example if you engage into a conversation in the comments area, you may place your link so that the other participants know to whom they are talking about. On the other hand if your name is ‘Off page SEO’ or anything else with a keyword in it, then something is wrong.

      In general, I don’t believe that these 2 methods offer any value and I personally do not recommend using them.

      Hope this helps

  7. Aliasgar says

    Hi Alex,
    This article is very helpful to me.I am new in SEO and know about the ON-Page SEO but still confused in OFF-Page SEO. Can you please elaborate the link-building in terms of OFF-Page SEO.? How it works and how to do it very effectively?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. River sand says

    Thank you for posting this post, we apperciate your post on Off page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page (SERPs). Many people associate off-page SEO with link building but it is not only that. In general, off Page SEO has to do with promotion methods – beyond website design –for the purpose of ranking a website higher in the search results.

  9. nextpolin says

    Thanks for the post on off pages SEO, it will be helpful the new seo provider, off page SEO always based on On page seo.

  10. Abhishek says

    Hello Alex,

    I’m doing SEO for several projects these days and all are on the first page of Google. But, here you mentioned forum commenting with links in signature and blog commenting with links as a black hat, or in simple terms, they won’t do any good! I have been doing 10 blog commenting and 5 forum posting everyday for all my 6 projects. Am I doing spamming? Then why is it not hurting me? I think there must be something which I don’t understand about SEO.

    Please share your views so that it may help me to better my SEO skills!

    • Alex says

      In my opinion yes you are actually spamming and sooner or later you will lose your rankings and most probably get penalized for that. I have already explained above how I believe you should approach link building and which is a safe and white hat approach.

      Hope this helps

  11. Cedrick says

    When thinking about link building don’t take the easy way, but try to get links from hard-to-get places.

  12. martinwougue says

    Hello Alex Chris,

    Really a super guidance by you about SEO. It is interesting to read and simple to understand of every concept regarding SEO in this post that which I liked. Thanks.

  13. sarvha satya says

    wow very nice information ,it’s more help to me. Please keep posting like this.

    thanks & regards

    sarvha satya

  14. falak says

    Hi Alex ,
    I have a website where i provide links of lots of websites e.g. social bookmarking website, article, blog, directory submission websites and lots more, So do i have to use no-follow tag for these links. Please tell.

    And yes i want to use google adsense on that website so can you please suggest me that what should i take care of developing that website.

  15. jack says

    Good post Alex.

    Google is updating it algorithms day by day and banned many off page task. Can you please tell me which off page should we perform for the better result? This will help me lot.

    • Alex says

      Hi Jack

      Publish content that is so good so that it can attract natural links. It takes a lot of effort but it works.


  16. Karan says

    Hi Alex, Great Article i can see that this article was written in May-2013 and after more than 1 year it is still valuable or should i say it is more valuable now.

    • Alex says

      Hi Karan

      The article was last updated in December 2016 and it is true that it is more relevant now than the date it was originally published.


  17. Mukesh Kumar says

    Alex, first of all thanks for the post,
    you have written “social media profiles can also boost SEO”. I have a question regarding this, this is what that we call as Profile creation(a off page seo technique).

    • Alex says


      No, it has to do with optimizing your social media accounts, just like you do with on-page seo for posts or pages. I have a dedicated article for this (click the link from the article for more details).


  18. Jack William says

    Alex, that is really a nice post. Recently i completed my Solar Energy Business Website and was thinking about SEO strategies. It is really a nice stuff, even new comers also get benefits from it. Thanks and Keep doing great Job

  19. yogesh says

    Hello Alex A very good article i found here. thanks for sharing.
    a perfect way to make understand a newbie whole SEO. 🙂

  20. Ataur Rahman says

    Hello Alex,
    Very good and clear article I found. I will follow all the steps on my blog. Thanks for sharing.

  21. agathachristy says

    great blog thanks for sharing, it gives a great valuable information about SEO and something is unique in this blog.

  22. Geekyard says

    All these days I though only On Page SEO will be highly useful for getting traffic. But after reading your article only I came to know the importance of Off Page SEO.

  23. Venkatesh Bandari says

    Hi Alex,

    Its been quite a while. I’m searching for absolute SEO and way of implantation. After reading this article I got clear picture. For a beginner it’s most important seo practice


  24. Mahabubnagar says

    Thanks Alex for the post..Now i wants to concentrate more on off page to drive traffic to my website

  25. jay says

    thanks for very well-detail blog.. it helps me a lot.. i got a better understanding between on page and off page.

  26. Sofia Williams says

    Thanks for this great blog. This blog gives the latest ideas & concepts about seo. It is very good post about off & on seo. I got new techniques for seo strategies. Really, this is very great post, so I love this post very much.

  27. Salini says

    Hey, this is really a nice post.
    But i have some doubts.
    that there is any benefit of no-follow links

  28. rohit says

    Thanks Alex For Raising Very Important Point.

    Off-Page seo does’t means Link Building, well let Me share My Personal Thoughts here, I use Q&A to help seekers and get visitors, I write articles on educational sites and redirect visitors to my website, I use community Forums like Inbound, apsense, warrior Forum, growth hacker, entrepreneur etc where I find Like-Minded people, I use yahoo answers.

    Hope these Off-Page Factors are very Important ,I read your small but Informative article many times and relate few Things and here is my comment. thanks for writing something Useful.

    Thanks and Regards, Rohit

    • Alex says

      Hi Rohit

      Anything you can do to raise awareness for your website that is according to the Google webmaster guidelines is important, whether you call it link building or something else.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  29. Anuj Kumar says

    Thanks a lot for sharing such a great information about SEO Off page, the given tips will defiantly be useful for everyone to increase his web rank and traffic.

  30. Paramjot Singh says

    Hello, Alex Bro!
    A Great and informative SEO Guide.

    When I think about SEO, the first thing comes to my mind is On-Page-SEO (Post Title, shareFresh and Top-Quality Content, URL Structure, Use of H1, H2, bold, italic tags, Fast loading web pages, image optimization and the description of the post.)

    After publishing the post, I’ll start following Off-Page-SEO rules – Internal linking, blog commenting on other sites using the post link (Building Backlinks), social sharing and bookmarking as well.

    Thanks for sharing these excellent tips with all of us. <3 ?

  31. Anees M A says

    Actually i was in confusion on off page SEO tactics..but this article clarified all confusions and cleared the doubts..Good article.. very helpful… Thank you.

  32. Christine de Guzman says

    Off-Page SEO is really good when building links but you have to be careful and try not to look like it’s a spam link. Remember, Google always crawls and updates every year. So if they found out you’re just doing spam, they might lower your website’s or keyword’s rank.

  33. Jari Helenius says

    This is grea stuff Alex thanks for opening up things in more detail. I’ve come to learn on our own company page, where we also have a blog, that as soon as we post a new blog post we suddenly start to get these really awkward off the topic comments. That is clearly some people trying to build links in very unprofessional manner. We have good plugins in place, however, to report these as spam but I wanted to know how do they in fact detect that we have a new blog posted ready for comments?

  34. Manshu Ydoxy says

    Excellent off page optimization guide. I am reading many blog but your content language is very simple and understanding. good work.

  35. Ayushi says

    Hello Alex,
    Thanks for sharing useful information about off page SEO. This is a very informative article about link building.

  36. Jack Johansson says

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for the article, it was one of the few on the web which it included some new info.

    I’ve started a project which i have hundreds of qualified rivals ( providing wallpapers ), and i have done all i could for the on-page seo (everything i learned from guides). Because of this i tried a new approach to develop a wallpaper website such as making it responsive, adding mega menu, sliders , blog for photo lovers & … which other websites don’t have.

    But still it seems like there is something obvious missing, and most of the seo experts i try to hire will ask for at least a thousand of dollars (which fries my brain). The website is up for over 3 months and i’m getting like 1 visitor from search engines each day( GOD!). Is it normal for a new website to draw such low traffic from search engines? do i have to do off-page seo too or am i really missing something?

    Also thanks for the E-Book!

    • Alex says

      Hi Jack

      Thanks for your comments. 3 months is not a lot of time especially in a very competitive niche like yours. What you should do is differentiate your content from competitors and try to make it easier for search engines to understand your pages (for example by adding small text descriptions for each wallpaper). Yes, definitely you should also consider off-page seo and start promoting your website on other websites.

      Hope this helps a bit

  37. Ismar Halvo says

    Can you tell me that off-site is essentially just your site’s link being on other websites and media for well more traffic on your site?

  38. Munna Hossain says

    There are two types of SEO: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. On page SEO is related to your blog design, keywords, content writing skill and more. Off page SEO is link building techniques. This way we can promote our blogs. Your article is really informative. It will be helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Jason says

    Off site SEO is as important as on site. It shows the popularity of your website by counting backlinks.

  40. Jinal says

    I want to know Still page rank is considered as google ranking factor?? Or Is it true more importance given to now DA and PA?
    And very helpful article.

    • Alex says

      Hi Jinal

      PageRank it’s still used as a ranking factor. Google confirmed this last week (February 2017) but it’s only one of the many factors used for rankings. DA and PA are also part of the ranking algorithm.


  41. Narinder kumar says

    Thanks, Alex off page SEO it’s really a great technique to force our website to search engine’s first page with the help of creating backlinks to another website

  42. Lulii says

    Hi, I just started my site like a week ago, most of the on page SEO methods are directly done from following your posts in here. I am still learning and would appreciate your advice on where to improve and how.

  43. Janson says

    It’s very helpful to understanding On Page SEO techniques. Thank you so much for sharing this important content.

  44. Arun Kumar says

    Hi Thanks for sharing this article It’s very helpful for both off page and On Page SEO techniques.

  45. David says

    This is a grate post. i think off page seo is the major part of the seo and make your site more popular.
    Thanks for this post….

  46. Jessica Thomson says

    Hi every one!
    Really this is an awesome and very informative article you post #Alex, I am so glad to see your research and knowledge. No doubt Off Page SEO is most important for rank your SERPS on search engines.
    This one is quite helpful in how to promote your business through to the audience. Excited to follow all of them for my website for great results.

  47. Peter says

    Off-page optimization is very crucial for site rankings. Thanks for sharing a Great Resourceful Article. Keep sharing such useful content.

  48. Ranjeeth Kumar K says

    Hi ,
    Thank you for sharing your views on Off page optimisation.
    It has been a great parameter that is taken into consider by the google. Every site might strengthen their off page works to make their site rank higher.

  49. Peter Scotch says

    Thank you sharing such a useful information with us. Its great post for purpose of ranking a website higher in the search results. Off page is used to improve the position of a web site. Keep posting…

  50. Trickizm says

    Hey, Alex.

    Thanks a ton for sharing such a great article along with excellent off page SEO tips. Off-Page optimization is an essential thing to focus on to rank any keyword of the site. I appreciate the hard work you’re doing to write these long articles to help newbies.

    Many Thanks,

  51. Sameer says

    Hey thank you so much for this elaborated explanation for SEO and i really found this is one of the best SEO write as this article deserves to be at 1st page. Hats off to you sir.
    Keep sharing this kind of write ups and looking forwards to read more from you.

  52. Manish M Ransubhe says

    Hi, Alex nice information about On page SEO whole post is nice easy to understand for newbies who have just new in blogging field thanks for sharing this article keep updating…

  53. Sanjay says

    One of the best site to learn Off Page SEO thanks reliable soft for sharing awesome info with us keep it up 🙂

  54. Kirti says

    Hi Alex,
    I like all the detail in this post! And I agree, understanding the intent of the person searching for information goes a long way to delivering high-quality content to them. At the end of the day, it comes down to trying to serve people better.

  55. Ragini Kumari says

    Hi Alex,
    Great post! Though I am new to SEO, I understood all the points mentionedd. However, I couldn’t get the concept of nofollow link? It would of great help as well as a value addition to your website, if you could write a detailed post about no follow link?
    Thank you so much for all the knowledge you shared. Keep it up 🙂

  56. Milton Bhowmik says

    Hi Alex, it great to understand off-page seo, Do you have any similar video which will help to understand better? Because video is more effective to understand then documentary.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Milton
      A Video tutorial is currently being prepared. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to get notified.


  57. Panav says

    When thinking about link building don’t take the easy way, but try to get links from hard-to-get places.
    I think nowadays with the google new updates about backlinks, less backlinks generate better results.

    • Alex says

      Hi Panav

      I agree with you. The more difficult is to get a backlink, the more valuable it is.


  58. Vinayak Verma says

    Impressive work Alex. Nice research done by you. In my view both OFF and ON page SEO is important for good ranking of a website in Google.
    Thanks for this rich information.

  59. Rajesh says

    Hi Alex. This is a great article.

    A strong SEO strategy is highly necessary to increase the visibility and the rank of any website. While most people focus on building on-page SEO, off-page SEO is important as well.

    It is necessary that a website has enough backlinks. But those backlinks need to come from good sources so as to maintain the sanctity of the website. I also agree with your point regarding social media. Having a strong social media presence also helps in link-building.

    Thanks for such an insightful article.

  60. Tahir says

    Thank you for share this article Off-page seo optimization
    Your writing skill is amazing and i have easily understand your article, so keep it up.

  61. Aimy khan says

    Just wanted to thank you for the content. I’ve subscribed to your RSS Feed and have been loving all the SEO talk. In particular, this post is a great read and a terrific resource. Cheers

  62. Noman Sarwar says

    A thoroughly written and very easy to digest article to understand off-page seo and how it works to secure high ranks in search engine results.
    It was an amazing read for the day, thanks and keep sharing with us.

  63. komal kaur says

    Hello Alex,
    First of all, I give you thanks to such as you shared a great information about the Off page and on the page.
    I am really impressed by your writing style.
    One thing I want to ask you, Why we use the no-follow tag and what is its pros and cons?
    I am a beginner in this field so please clear my doubt.
    Thank You !!!!!!! once again.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Komal

      Thanks for your nice comments.

      Use the nofollow tag when you don’t want to pass pagerank from one page to the other. Cases like paid links, link ads, keyword rich anchor texts, should have the nofollow tag.

      Read this for more information: https://www.reliablesoft.net/backlinks/

      Hope this helps

  64. Manogna koppula says

    Thanks you so much for the post..!!
    Now i can concentrate more on off page SEO to drive traffic to my website.

  65. Pratik Sehgal says

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  66. Nisha Sabnis says

    Great post very helpful information to rank website in google Thanks for sharing such great information to SEO for beginners.

  67. Amruta says

    I am learning a lot of SEO stuff from this page. It is everything that I needed to know about SEO strategies. Thanks for the insights. Thumps up.

  68. Vaibhav Mahale says

    Hello Alex,
    Thank you for sharing such a useful information about off-page seo. Explained it very nicely. It’s very helpful to understanding Off Page SEO techniques.
    Thanks again and keep sharing…

  69. Neha saraf says

    Hey Alex, Great list of techniques. Social Media and Guest posting is a really effective way of building up your website’s reputation.
    Thanks for the post.

  70. Anishad says

    It’s really useful list to improve off page seo in my site. Recently I learned about on-page SEO and this post helped me a lot to increase my site visibility on Google. Thanks

  71. Nitish Kumar says

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sharing such a broad aspect of webmastering so simply, It is very helpful for me as a beginner, Could you please help me with my query
    As a new Blogger I get confused between the schedule of work between article writing and off page seo stuff, How should one manage both the things at best as an individual.

    Thanks a lot

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Nitish

      If you are starting out now then spend most of your time in creating great content. Once you are happy with your content quality, then you can start thinking about off page SEO.

      Hope this helps

  72. Nagesh says

    Hi Alex.
    Very Nice Article in this article you have explained about on a page and off a page SEO it’s very useful.

    Thank you for sharing valuable information.

  73. Susan Ikegwu says

    Thank you for this article. my focus has always been to build links and not necessarily provide value. I understand better now and on my way to providing good contents for my audience.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Susan

      Very well said, providing value for your audience is the best way to grow your website and this should be your focus.

      All the best

  74. Aly says

    Really helpful article..Alex you described off-page very well. It’s very helpful for newcomer.Thanks for sharing this informative article..Can u described about link building?Where we put link, is any different platform just like social media and social bookmarking?

  75. Akash Sharma says

    I just read your article, i recently came across it on bing, interesting read, i’ll sure be coming back to this blog again.

  76. William Exchange says

    Guest posting can be a valid way to get links back to your website provided that you don’t do it just for links and that you don’t overdo it.

  77. Lalit Mittal says

    Hi Mate

    Just wanted to know if link-building still matters to google.
    How does Google ensure that link building is not spam?
    Wouldn’t google rank those pages better which has a large number of views and a lower bounce rate? (If I were Google, I would have ranked the pages with the interesting content for the user (better viewership) because I know that there are millions of SEO agencies ready to upset my system with those spammy link-building tactics)

    I wanted to know your opinion on this one.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Lalit

      Google is clever enough to distinguish between low and high quality links. Link building still matters, it’s one of the important ranking factors but not the only one. If a page has content that users like and it is promoted sufficiently, it will eventually rank high and get links naturally.

      Hope this helps

  78. tirumal says

    thank you so much for your valuable information on on page SEO and off page SEO ,have understood so many thing in point of good back links keep writing

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    Nice explanation about off page seo and found something new here about off page and on page so thank you very much for this valuable information so keep posting and update us.

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    Thanks for sharing the information about “On page Seo and Off page Seo “. You have cleared so many confusion about the topic. Keep posting such a great content.

  82. Nirali Jain says

    Really very informative article. I was looking for off-page SEO techniques and I found yours to be readable and understandable. I was only aware of link building then but now thanks to your article. Really helpful, thanks!

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Nirali

      Yes, off-page SEO is not only about link building but all the methods you can use to spread the word about your brand.
      Thanks for commenting

  83. Suzain says

    Hello Alex,
    This is a great piece of content. You have explained both on-page and off-page very well. Seo is a very important part of digital marketing and with your post, I can understand it better.
    Keep sharing such content with us.

  84. Shaurya Jain says

    Thanks Alex for posting so much useful article on Off page SEO. Actually I am an Organic SEO Consultant, and can understand how practical it is. Really it is a great help for newcomers.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Shaurya

      Thanks for your comments. Glad to hear that this article helped you build your off-page SEO skills.


  85. Alex Haney says

    you are right ! offpage seo is much important for ranking as you mentioned too. Very informative article thanks.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Alex
      Thanks for commenting. Yes, off page SEO is extremely important if you want to achieve top rankings in Google and other search engines.

      All the best

  86. Henry says

    Hi Alex I am also working in the field of SEO as well. I Have one question. Does, free directory submission gives a quality of backlinks to any business website or not?

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Henry

      No, they don’t. Don’t use such techniques. Only use white-hat off-page SEO tactics.


  87. Yash Kumar says

    I a student of web designing and digital marketing I found this blog really good and easy to understand.

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    I am a beginner in the field of SEO and was searching for the topic Off-page SEO and ended up on your content, seriously got great value from your resource, the way in which the entire article is crafted was awesome.
    Thank you once again, Alex, for providing such a great piece of knowledge to us.

  89. Mohamed Razin says

    woah, this is very insightful @alex, just one question ?

    What are some considerations that you do before using off-page SEO strategies?

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Mohamed

      Before using off-page SEO strategies, make sure that you have great content to promote. That’s also the correct order to follow.

      I hope this helps.


  90. Akhil says

    That was an amazing article about off-page SEO, it helps me in understanding how off-page SEO is important.

  91. Harsh walde says

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  92. Webtoniq says

    Great post! Off-page SEO is crucial for boosting a website’s authority and search engine ranking. Your top 10 techniques, like link building and social media engagement, are spot on. It’s also important to remember that quality content and genuine connections are key to successful off-page SEO. Thanks for the insightful tips!

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