What Is The Difference Between SEO and PPC?

A comprehensive comparison of SEO and PPC: Pros and Cons and when to use them in your campaigns.

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  1. Ataur Rahman says

    Thanks for clear my idea about SEO and CPC. I’m very happy to look your post. Really amazing post. Excellent step by step guide.

    • Alex says

      Hi Cameron

      Organic SEO will ALWAYS be in high demand. To create an online business that will last for years, you need SEO traffic.


  2. Arthur Costa says

    Thanks for the amazing post. This reading really taught me something! Congratulations!!

  3. Janis Medni says

    Thanks for the analysis. In my opinion both are better be used: PPC for short-term, nearly instant results while organic traffic builds up and eventually brings you a nice surprise.

    • rsadmin says

      Hi Janis

      I agree with you, ppc can produce results short term while SEO it takes more time.


  4. cindy says

    Thank you Alex for this informative post.
    I am a newbie to blogging and, as of right now, I have no intention of selling any products.
    Do you think that SEO is more appropriate for my type of blog? I just need to have more traffic to my blog.

    • Alex says

      Hi Cindy

      SEO is appropriate for all types of blogs. Getting organic traffic will take time but the benefits at the end are a lot so the sooner you start with SEO, the better.


  5. Neeraj Kumar says

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the quite conceptual difference between SEO and PPC. You have given the good examples.

    thanks again

  6. Anjali Desai says


    Fascinating post!

    It is an excellent step by step guidance towards PPC and SEO.I have cleared my idea about both.Now a days organic SEO is much in demand. In my opinion both are better be used: PPC for short-term, nearly instant results while organic traffic builds up and eventually brings you a nice surprise.PPC can produce results short term while SEO it takes more time.

    And thank you for sharing this post. Please share more post like this. Do you think that the click rate between having a #1 organic ranking and a paid ad are much difference when it comes to conversions?

    Anjali Desai

  7. Shon Anto says

    Hi Alex, That’s a great explanation!!!
    Differentiating SEO and PPC with the best step by step guide which makes even a novice to understand it in a better way. Keep up the good work. Cheers!!!


  8. Olivia says

    Thanks for giving such useful information about PPC and SEO. I’m a beginner in the SEO so these things are important for me to know it well.

  9. Tarek Dinaji says

    I like to think of PPC as a compliment to SEO. Sometimes People can spend money on PPC before they get a hold on their SEO. It is especially true for new business when they have less amount of content thus has limited capacity to rank on google.
    PPC works as a short and quick solution where SEO works as and evergreen and long-term solution.

    Both are important and has their own places.

  10. Peter says

    This is a really great explanation, so clear and logical. I wish more websites were like this.

  11. Kalvin says

    This is such a great post Alex,

    You really make things simple and easily understandable (with the help of images).

    Thanks for sharing this post ?

  12. Ellen Max says

    The Basic Difference Between SEO and PPC is SEO is based on Organic Result and PPC is Based on Paid Marketing.

  13. ajay says

    Hey Alex, very informative post. PPC and SEO both are important to a business, parallelly we should use this two weapons in this field. As you said, SEO will generate a good organic traffic in longterm but to sustain till that boosting phase, we have to use PPC.
    thank you for this valuable post


  14. Fazal Aasar says

    SEO is all about quality of your website, the more you increase your quality and signals of authentic industry sites toward your website the more you enhance your chances of ranking high organically.
    PPC is different, in PPC you bid for showing your results at top of the first page of Google but that also matters on how high you bid along with a quality score of your webpage which is comprised of 5 factors but the bid is the main factor in getting you rank higher.

  15. Grace Lily says

    If you do both of these things for that particular keyword—that is, optimize your website and purchase PPC advertising—you are ensuring that your brand dominates the search results, and that you have a better chance at a capturing those valuable clicks.

  16. SAM says

    I really like the blog. I read every single blog post that you posted on your site. I have cleared my doubt regarding, The difference between SEO and PPC. That’s really helped me to optimize my website.
    Thanks for sharing sir.

  17. David says


    The screenshot you have shared for paid ads and Seo ranked urls is informative and clears the concepts of beginners of PPC.
    keep on sharing stuff like this

  18. jhunu das says

    Nice post!!
    It’s very clear to me now “the difference between SEO and PPC “.
    Thank you very much for sharing the interesting and trending Topic with us.
    Thank you

  19. Teresa says

    is there a point to doing PPC if you are already an established company? Or would it be better to go organic and not spend tons and tons of money?

    • Jenesa Hills says

      I would say a big YES to PPC even if you are an established company. With PPC you can reach to an extent where you can drive more sales to your business. So far with my experience, I have found that with PPC you are acquiring the audience who already have made a decision to make a purchase you are just opening them your doors and showcasing what you have for them. Whereas with organic results you have to drive their minds to purchasing which could be a tough task. Therefore, if you focus on more sales then PPC is a must.

  20. Joel says

    We’re just starting up on this passionate world of SEO, PPC, etc and found this post being very informative, keep it up!

  21. Saqib Irfan says

    This is a big debate within our Digital Marketing Agency.

    My team says, we need to start selling PPC Solutions, where as I believe SEO is what brings the long lasting results and as an agency has a better ROI.

  22. Vivek Sharma says

    Thanks, Alex for sharing a great blog. your blog has good details about SEO & PPC. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  23. Chevelle Lawson says

    Thanks for sharing this information. Do you prefer to do SEO, PPC, or both? And is one more valuable than the other in Google’s eyes?

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Chevelle

      It depends on the case. If you want to make sales faster then you should start with PPC and in parallel work on your SEO. In general, doing both can generate better results for your business in the long-term. In Google’s eyes, SEO is more valuable. PPC campaigns do not influence the Google organic results but SEO does.

      I hope this helps

  24. Shubha says

    Hey, Really Good Explaination. very useful information about PPC and SEO.
    Thanks for sharing.

  25. Ashwdeep says

    Great Stuff!
    Cleared defined difference between SEO and PPC.
    Lots of bonus from this article.
    Thanks a lot.

  26. etdigital says

    Excellent article!! It was fascinating to learn the distinctions between SEO and PPC. Both are significant in their own right. Thank you for providing this information. It helped me with my website.

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