20 Digital Marketing Tips for Online Marketing Success

These are the best internet marketing tips for running successful marketing campaigns.

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  1. Aswani says

    Nice and useful tips. Glad I have been following most of these tips. But still I need to follow some more of these tips especially related to advertising. Thanks for these tips.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Aswani

      Yes, digital advertising is an important component of online marketing.

      Thanks for your comment

  2. cimpro says

    Online success is easy i just realized today after reading your this great stuff. You mentioned 20 tips about digital marketing for online success i totally agree with you this blog and it is full of great information. Thanks i will be excited to read more posts like this. Really appreciate these tips for success.

  3. Biplab Poddar says

    Social media provides an opportunity to quickly react to the feedback. Either the outcome is positive or negative, you have got the way to respond within seconds. A research has found that customers are more likely to remain consistent to those firms who respond to their queries and feedback. Tweets and statuses depict if any issue has been arrived from the side of customer and you can take the appropriate steps to resolve it, this will help in customer retention.

  4. Alexandria Martinez says

    I was talking to my fiance the other day about his interest in online marketing. He has been trying to find time to conduct some research, so I thought I would help him. I like that you mention the importance of mobile apps, and I am sure he would find this helpful.

  5. puja says

    Very rightly said!! Today, a profound and well planned comprehensive digital marketing strategy can do wonders for any organization, especially in developing and building up the online reputation of a brand which is so very much important today for any type of business. This is a well written post with an extremely useful information to read.

  6. Stephanie Raffaele says

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Nowadays having a website has become a business necessity. As a small business owner, it’s all too easy to feel this way.

  7. Sapna Das says

    Good insight and knowledge on the latest updates on digital marketing. Thank you for sharing this information. It was very helpful.

  8. Patty Pan says

    The post is very useful for the digital marketers as it shares valuable information about the 20 digital marketing trends.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Kenny

      Influencer marketing is indeed an item missing from the digital marketing list. When executed correctly influencer marketing can help a lot with both brand awareness and sales.

      Thanks for your comment

  9. Joe Munoz says

    This is very comprehensive and helpful especially for those who have just started to get into online marketing.

  10. James Hendley says

    Hey Alex,
    Excellent article! These tips are pretty good, and you even organized it in different sections, loved it. I think that many beginners will find this pretty useful, and more advanced folks, can use it as a refresher.

  11. Dipesh chamling says

    Digital marketing is one of the best marketing strategy one can apply today to grow the business. Very Informative post thank you.

  12. Isneha Choudhary says

    I want to learn digital marketing. Browse on the internet then I found unique article. Thank for share valuable content with us. It’s really helpful for me.

  13. Daps says

    Awesome tips, this is very handy and will go a long way to help my digital marketing success. After spending some few years in the digital marketing space, I couldn’t agree less with all your tips. Thanks.

  14. Ganesh Dasari says

    Thanks for sharing this good list of tips. It is very relevant since the rise of the digital age. I do believe the industry of Digital marketing is the future, This post is very useful for Digital marketers as it shares valuable information

  15. Ella Hayes says

    Hey Alex, Thanks a lot for sharing such a kind of informative article. I think, your marketing tips will help me so much to develop my online business.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Ella

      Thanks! Good luck with your marketing efforts. Starting an online business is a great experience!


  16. Jaff Jackson says

    Hey Alex. Thanks for sharing this informative post. I really appreciate such articles that keeps people updated of latest SEO trends with professional tips.

  17. Ellie Davis says

    Making sure you have a good online presence seems very important in the business world. Thank you for suggesting that you should make sure and buy your own domain when it comes to having a website. Hopefully, any business looks into finding a great marketing company that can help them grow online.

  18. Thomas Oldham says

    I really thank you for these tips on digital marketing. Especially, the point of Mobile Marketing Tips, I must say that I am now aware of mobile marketing too. I will be waiting for more tips on Mobile Marketing. It’s more in trend for now.

  19. Ocyris says

    Very informative and detailed tips!
    Mobile marketing has increased a lot in the last few years and is an important aspect of digital marketing nowadays as more and more people are using mobile instead of desktops.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Ocyris

      That’s true, the majority of people are now using mobile devices for searching and browsing the Internet and it is very important to have a mobile friendly website.


  20. Akshay says

    These are some amazing and useful tips on Digital Marketing. It’s interesting as this is a real opportunity towards success what I really felt after reading your blog. Also, you people are giving different options to join this business it is the great this which I really loved about this article.

  21. Asad says

    The whole list was good But the one I like the most are content and digital marketing ones. Thanks for the valuable information. I will keep using these tips to groom my business.

  22. Fizza says

    Awesome post!!!
    Very informative, all the tips you discussed in post are valuable. I am working as a social media marketer in a company and i learnt many things from your post, keep on sharing your research and knowledge. Thank you.

  23. nasrin sultana says

    Very informative and detailed tips!
    Mobile marketing has increased a lot in the last few years and is an important aspect of digital marketing nowadays as more and more people are using mobile instead of desktops.

  24. Growith-VA says


    This was a great blog.
    I’ve read many articles about
    digital marketing , but never one about making effective and valuable . Thank you for that.

    In digital marketing we should do extra pay attention on Seo. And of course E.A.T. factors . Now digital marketing sector growing big and we should work smarter than byegone era.

    Great article ! off to share

  25. Taniya says

    Thank you for sharing this blog it helps in updating my skills and Knowledge. These tips play a very important role or we can say these are the heart of Digital Marketing.

  26. Abdurrahman says

    Alex, thanks for this amazing article. I am following few tips from your list, shall give a try to other methods also which you have mentioned.

  27. Sumit Yadav says

    I surely recommend to all those who are the digital marketing to go through this blog because at some point this blog can give them ideas on considering while working.
    Thank you Alex

  28. carl scutt says

    Hi Alex,

    You have covered things pretty well here and it makes my head spin whenever I think of all the work we have to do just to get the smallest amount of traction.

    Having said that, I recently discovered the joys of the PRESS Release.

    For some this may be old news but for me it’s something news because I didn’t know I as an individual could do such a thing. Anyway, all you need to know is how to put them together and where to submit them.

    And guess what? All this data is as our finger tips with simple web searches.

    How cool is that?


    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Carl

      A PRESS release when used correctly can be a great asset for an online marketing campaign. As I mentioned in the article, the opportunities with digital marketing are endless and a press release is another tool in your digital arsenal.

      Thanks for commenting

  29. Agbosua Esther says

    Search engine optimization is the most developed and used marketing tactic that is available online for businesses that are ready to build up a strong market presence.
    Thanks, Alex for this post.

  30. Himanshu Rai says

    Hello Alex,
    Today digital marketing is the main field for marketing. Day by day traditional marketing is dying and digital marketing is increasing, so everyone should have the knowledge of it. You have provided the basis of digital marketing which everyone must know. Thanks for the knowledge. keep writing.

  31. Sahil Bakshi says

    Hi Alex, I just came across your blog post and must say that it’s a great piece of information that you have shared. Especially these tips will help to create a strong brand, keep posting such amazing posts, Best of luck!

  32. Emma says

    Digital marketing is essential in today’s world. With both competitors and potential customers constantly online, digital marketing is the only way to stay ahead. Thank you for sharing very valuable tips with us.

  33. Glyn Neilsonterry says

    Your article contains very valuable information.
    Thank you very much… I really appreciate it.

  34. Shakti Nair says

    I like the way you have shared the tips after classifying it into different aspects of digital marketing such as website tips and social media tips. The infographic at the start also throws light on what you plan to cover in the post. Thank you for sharing all the information for aspirants of digital marketing field.

  35. Klevvrtech says

    Hi Alex Chris, you shared digital marketing best tips for online marketing success. its amazing. Thanks

  36. Abhinav Garg says

    This is a good article. 1 most important tip I would share for Online Marketing Success is ‘Know Your Audience’. It is very easy to lose money and fill the pockets of Digital Media AD platform if your try to target the broad audience or wrong target audience. Thanks again for this article

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Abhinav

      I agree with your 100%. Customer profiling and audience targeting are VERY important for the optimization of all your digital marketing campaigns.

      Thanks for your comment

  37. Digital Rosogulla says

    Nice Blog. Liked the way you explained the concept of Digital Marketing & the tips for online success. Keep it up.

  38. Alex Marshal says

    Marketers often forget on setting up major marketing channels. Focus on User Experience first then have high-quality content on landing pages. A perfect balance of paid and organic marketing efforts can bring good results.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!!

  39. Christopher says

    Good and helpful tips. I am glad that I have been following most of these tips. But I still need to follow some of these tips especially related to advertising. Thanks for these tips.

  40. Logan Torres says

    Great read regarding an overview of digital marketing as well as its benefits for continued business success. Thanks for this.

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