Can You Really Make a Living From Blogging?

Is it possible to make a living out of blogging? The short answer is YES but there are a number of parameters to take into account before starting.

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  1. Psikologi says

    Consider your article, I think It’ll be good if I still become part-time blogger
    It’s hard to gain traffic when still learning
    Thanks for share

  2. harsha says

    Its interesting and we get inputs from your articles, so we make less mistakes and ready to succeed, thanks Alex

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Hasha

      Thanks for you comment. That’s exactly my purpose, to help you learn from my mistakes 🙂


  3. Viral says

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for breaking the process of earning from a blog down, it provides a great perspective on things.

    I had started an authority site and have been working on it for the past 6 months. The site has roughly 50 posts. However these posts are very lengthy ranging from 3000 to 10,000 words.

    I even have a post that is, get this, almost 50,000 words, which I published this week. It is an extremely long and detailed list of a topic in the niche.

    However, my organic traffic has not grown much. In the last month for example, I have averaged ONLY 15 hits a day. I have been targeting long tail keyword topics (4+ word searches). I also have very few back links to the site.

    So my question is, do you think it is just a case of producing more content and waiting a bit longer for things to take effect?


    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Viral

      A couple of thoughts:
      1. Yes you should wait longer, if its a new domain it is still considered new so give it some more time.
      2. What is important at this stage is to monitor your rankings for the different keywords and see if they are improving. If you see a general improvement then everything should be ok, if not then you should revise your on-page SEO and also check that Google can crawl the site properly.

      Keep up updates on your progress, I want to see how this will go


  4. Venkatesh kumar says

    It’s really motivated me a lot for full-time blogging. I am in the confused state and after reading your article, I got an idea for this. Thanks for sharing with your real-time experience.

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