How To Make Money Blogging In 2024 (Free Guide)

This is the ultimate guide on how to make money blogging for beginners. Learn the different ways you can make money from your blog.

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  1. Praan Kumar says

    Thank you, Alex, for the Guide how start Blogging. Can I share your post on Quora to refer someone to this posts? I also use your Android apps “SEO tips for Beginners”.

  2. Raghu says

    Hi Alex,
    Thank you for sharing this awesome post. I am new in this field and this post must help to me.
    Thank you once again.

  3. Prathap sunkara says

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you so much for sharing a real-life example from your experience. It’s really helpful for the Beginners like us.

    Thank you.

  4. Narinder kumar says

    Thanks Alex for sharing us the great topic for make money blogging. really it’s so difficult to earn money online with blogging it requires lot of effort and more hard work.

  5. Satpal Singh says

    Thanks Alex for sharing such a value information, working on backlinks and SEO, its very helpful for beginners like me.

  6. Md Omar Faruk says

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the wonderful and important information. I am planning to start my own blog, this information will be of great help. Hope to see more posts like this in future.Thanks and Regards

  7. Donald Tillison says

    Thank You for sharing this great article!
    I have a money making blog and i’m wondering
    what best money making affiliate program would be
    for me to use…

  8. Venus Snellville says

    Thanks for this wonderful information. It’s really helpful.

    I have a new blog I created few months ago. I have implemented your blog monetization strategies. Hopefully it will work for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Venus

      Thanks for your comment. Be patient, creating a new blog and making money from it is a process that takes a lot of time and hard work. But, if you are willing to put in the required effort, then there is no reason why you can’t do it.

      All the best

  9. Agbosua Esther says

    Thanks Alex for sharing this information. I got insight about publishing great content.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Agbosua

      Thanks for your comment. Great content is essential for making a successful blog.

      Good luck with your efforts.


  10. sachin ahi says

    Fabulous post! I really appreciate the smaller blog focus and your really honest opinions, some of which I swear .Your blog (and you!) rock.

  11. Wendy Muse says

    This was a great post. It was very helpful, as I just started blogging. Thanks for explaining each step in details.

  12. Bh Blogger says

    In this tutorial, you are able to explain all tips to make money online by blogging step by step.
    Really, this article is very informative for all newbies who want to generate revenue. Thank you for the post.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Bh

      Glad that this tutorial helped you understand how to make money with your blog.

      All the best

  13. Ramesh says

    “It took me a number of years to realize the whole picture and find out what I was doing wrong and how to turn things around.”

    That’s the exact point I was missing!

    Now I’ve started a new blog and hope I can make it work this time! Thank you so much for your post, Mr. Alex!

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Ramesh

      We should all learn from our mistakes. I’m happy that I’ve helped you understand what was missing from your plan.

      All the best with your blogging efforts

  14. Thouhid says

    Hello, Alex.

    This was a great blogging guide for me. I’m a new blogger. I have already started blogging but still have not had enough success. However, this guide of yours inspired me to move forward.


    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Thouhid

      In the online world, you need to be patient and never give up. Keep trying until you get the results you want.


  15. Scott Medlin says

    I have a new affiliate marketing blogs I created few months ago. I have implemented your blog monetization strategies. Hopefully, it will work for me.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Scott

      For affiliate marketing, you need to make sure that you provide real value to users and not just trying to sell them something. Given them great content and explain why they should consider buying the products you are selling without being too promotional.

      Hope this helps

  16. Roopam says


    Nice post with useful information. This post is well optimized for newbie bloggers to help them start a blog and make money.

    Please keep it up

  17. sami says

    Hi Alex,
    Soon, i’ll buy SEO course, the article is awesome. Can we write scientific blog for example on chemistry, mathematics and Physics. Is scientific blogs have any value? i’m newbie i have no idea. please, help me. Thanks for your time in advance.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Sami

      There is nothing wrong with scientific blogs but two things to consider are:
      1. Is there enough search demand for it? In other words, do people search for scientific blogs and for what exact topics?
      2. Can you offer a product or service to your readers that can help them solve a problem or learn more about a topic you’ll be covering in your blogs?

      Try to answer these questions before starting your blog. They will help you understand what kind of content to provide and what audience to target.

      Hope this helps

  18. Dhruvir Zala says

    Such a great content. All the things are practically explained with no monotonous lines. Thank you so much. Keep posting great content. You got a permanent reader.

  19. Zoe says

    Hi Alex,

    Great post!

    I have a question for you, wondering if you know the answer to…

    If you create a piece of content and optimize it for SEO with internal links, should you avoid linking to posts in another category on your site? If so, would it be wise to add a nofollow link to those links?

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Zoe

      No, in fact, you should link to other posts within your website, including category page you want to improve their rankings. You should NOT add a nofollow link for any of your internal links. These links should be followed.

      Hope this helps

  20. Aakash Verma says

    Great Alex,
    I like your article so much❤️. I was thinking to start my own blog but was not able to execute. But after reading this I started my blog 😉
    Thanks to you👍🏽🤘

  21. Sanjeev P says

    Hi Alex,
    This post is a veritable Wikipedia on how to start a blog and make money for beginners. I tend to agree with you when you advise to not use AdSense when you can make through Affiliate marketing. I think the real money is in affiliate marketing and selling your own courses or ebooks.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Sanjeev

      Adsense is an easy way to make money blogging, especially for beginners. But as you grow your traffic and audience, affiliate marketing or making money from your own products is the best way to go.

      All the best

  22. M Charles says

    This post is truly informative. I think one of the most crucial things you mentioned as the generation of organic traffic. It is essential to note the 3 points you highlighted:
    1. One must write good and unique qualitative content.
    2. One must know how to use the right keyword for his website.
    3. One must leverage the power of back-linking.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi M Charles

      That’s right. Those 3 points are essential if you want to get Google traffic to your blog.

      All the best

  23. Kridita says

    I love writing stuffs and as I just got into college, I was planning to start a blog of my own to earn some money. But some say it’s not suitable for students as it consumes too much time. I don’t want to hamper my studies. Do you think blogging is suitable for students who want to make money beside studying?

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Kridita

      Yes, blogging is a great way for students to make money on the side provided that you have the necessary time to allocate to both blogging and your studies.

      If you cannot manage both, you should finish your studies first and then start with blogging. It’s never too late to start a blog.

      I hope this helps

  24. Amos says

    Thanks alex for such a helpful piece of information actualy making money from blogs are realy hard but wit the appropriate step by step guide it seems easy but the most important part here i think its to know ur brand

  25. maxmon says

    Really great article You explained everything and I will do a blog with your guideline. Thank you for this great information and I will share your post my personal social media network. Can I share your post?

  26. Anjali says

    Thanks, Alex for such useful information. 🙌
    As a beginner, I want to start my blog. Currently, I am a medico studying in college. I do write poems, articles, diaries..paint too.
    So I m in doubt what should I choose as a niche, that whether my poetries will able to engage more traffic or not?
    Actually, I do also want to help people by sharing my knowledge of health with them, which is related to my profession itself in such a hectic daily life.
    But I m confused about what should I go for …. could u plz help me Alex ….it would be great.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Anjali

      If your goal is to make money blogging, you should take into account three factors when choosing a topic for your blog:

      1. You should blog on topics that people search for on Google.
      2. Your blogs should help people solve a problem or answer a question.
      3. You should think in advance how you can monetize your blog either by creating your own products or selling other people’s products.
      4. Blog on evergreen topics.

      I hope this helps


  27. Jean says

    Last week I created a blog and now I am studying monetization practices because I love to write and I believe that I have already discovered that this is my passion and your article brought me many answers that I was looking for.

    Thank you for delivering us quality content as not everyone is committed to delivering content like that to readers and I also see that it shouldn’t be easy at all.

    I will follow your posts.

  28. Bindilal says

    Hey Alex,

    I just found your blog and I’ve found every article I’ve read very helpful and informative. Today I have learned about make money blogging.

    Thanks you!

  29. Isuamfon Offiong says

    Thank you Alex for a great read.

    Although the excitement of creating a blog is comparable to the adrenaline rush of eating pizza in the dream, because we are like, “ohh, I’m gonna start a blog today and make money next week”.

    But the truth is, these expectations without an equal action in search of traffic always result in failure.

    While affiliate marketing is quite popular, I believe the definition of it is recommending value to your audiences cause without that, if you recommend a bad product then no one wants to buy what you recommend the next time.

    All in all, thanks for the breakdown of affiliate marketing trategy.

    Will come back for more.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Isuamfon

      That’s true, starting a new blog is exciting and the idea that someday it will also make money for you, it what keeps most bloggers moving forward, despite the difficulties.

      All the best with your new blog.

  30. Paul says

    Hi Alex,
    I really appreciate your effort in this awesome blog post! Truly amazing! Blogging is not an easy task if you mean it seriously and want to make a steady income from your blog. It is so complex, that not everybody is capable to do it correctly. I think that these days is nearly impossible to make money blogging by yourself. You have to cooperate, collaborate, and outsource as much work as you can…Once again, thanks for sharing this excellent post.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Paul

      When creating a blog, you need to learn how to do everything yourself. As your blog grows and starts making money, outsourcing tasks and getting outside help, is the way to go.

      All the best

  31. Abby says

    Waoo, this article is fully packed with updated information about how to make money blogging. I really enjoyed reading it. Will bookmark this page.

  32. Emeku Collins says

    This write up will help me a lot as you hit the nail on the head.
    I have been following up with some of your articles too, so I decided to drop a comment here and thank you for all you do.

  33. Israel Valenzuela says

    Thank You, Alex for all of your valuable information, I look forward of getting my blog started soon, beginner.

  34. mostafa kamal says

    Thank you so much, Alex for giving a complete guideline for make money online. I think This post is a complete guideline for a new money maker.

  35. Shawn says

    Such a long and detailed guide. I love it! Thank you Alex for creating such an amazing piece of content. And I totally agree when you said good on-page SEO can get us to the first page, but a good off-page SEO can get us to the top position. Too many bloggers focus too much on their blogs and they forget about marketing and working OUTSIDE their blogs. Thanks again, you inspired me to put in more effort to grow my blog. Cheers, Shawn

  36. Shariq Khan says

    I enjoyed reading your article 🙂 PLease continue publishing helpful topics like this. It will help a lot to beginners like me.

  37. Niharika Pabba says

    Hi Alex! I came here with zero experience with a blog website and now am coming out with lots of things to understand and finding some clarity on how to get started.

  38. Ramsha says

    As a beginner myself I know it is really hard and it also takes time , but these tips seriously helped me a lot. Thank you for posting this article it was a great help.

  39. Ariful Islam says

    You have written an excellent article! In this article, you have shown easily how to make money with a blog for beginners. All these steps are really informative. Thanks for sharing this informative article and I hope for more content like this.

  40. Marie Ganies says

    Fantastic article. This article has a complete guide for beginners about make money with a Blog. As I am a beginner, it will be helpful for me. Thanks.

  41. Ecostone says

    This is a very long and in-depth guide. It’s fantastic! Thank you for generating such a fantastic piece of content, Alex. And I completely agree with your statement that effective on-page SEO will get us to the first page, but good off-page SEO will get us to the top. Overly many bloggers are too focused on their sites and neglect to market and work outside of them. Thank you once again for inspiring me to work harder to improve my blog. Cheers, Shawn

  42. Ray Payne says

    I have been thinking for a long time about how to make money online, but I could not find any idea. So I try to find ideas from the internet and read your article and get a lot of cool ideas together.

    Alex, thank you so much for this beautiful article.

  43. Ray Payne says

    When I think about making money online, the first thing that comes to my mind is blogging. It is one of the most reliable platforms. Thanks for your amazing tips to make money by blogging.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Ray

      Making money from a blog is indeed one of the most realistic ways to earn an income online.

      All the best

  44. Kumar Abhishek says

    Dear sir
    Today, yeah absolutely… I’ve more recently started using video (vlogging) to help support my written content (blogging), plus platforms like YouTube that host videos can be GREAT sites to not only acquire new audiences/drive traffic to your blog, but also engage your existing audience in new ways. In my experience, blogging is still more lucrative, but there are plenty of vloggers who earn a lot through sponsorships especially if they have large, engaged social followings.
    Kumar Abhishek

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Anuradha

      Yes, you can combine affiliate marketing links and Adsense ads in a single article. Both are great ways to make money online but you need to consider what is more beneficial for you. Is it the money from ad clicks or the commission from making a sale? Technically you can have both but from a business perspective, it might be better to choose one of the two for each article to optimize your earnings.

      I hope this helps

  45. Dibyendu says

    Dear Alex,
    I loved the structure and depth of the article. I always wanted to get into blogging and content writing but found a lack of clarity. Your post has helped me repurpose my dream and I have got direction. What I now need to develop and find is a process and maybe a mentor.
    Thank you very much.

    • Alex Chris says

      HI Dibyendu

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad that you found inspiration from my post. Good luck with your blogging efforts!

      All the best

  46. Beatious says

    Thank you so much for sharing this informative article. Guess what? This article helped me to launch my own blog.

    I was able to find all the information needed right here.

    Continue sharing such informative articles!

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Beatious

      I’m glad that this article helped you start your own blog. All the best with your blog writing and promotion efforts.

      All the best

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