How often should you update your website?

Updating your website regularly has many benefits. Learn the factors that affect how often to publish new content.

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  1. rohit says

    hi, i am regular reader of your articles and it has really helped me in a great way. However, i have question that apart from updating content on regular basis, does blog commenting or forum posting can help to grow audience of my site? if you have writen any article on forum posting do send me. thanks

  2. Tippi says

    Hi Alex,

    I’m a newbie marketer, how do you promote your website? How to find potential followers? It’s frustrating to write content but no one is coming to my website.


  3. John says

    Updating websites can really be challenging, challenging in so many aspects: topics to discuss, article tone, where to get good articles, how to create inviting and relevant article images, article length, and the list goes on.

    In updating a website and publishing articles often; time, effort, and money are three investments people fail to capitalize on. Yes, to be able to come up with a kick-ass article, you must spend time and effort to create it or you have to look for a writer who can replenish your need for great articles.

    The number of times you should update your website do heavily rely on your type of business. The above mentioned number of times to update your website base on your business type will bring expected results — increased traffic, visitor returning on your website, the possibilities of avid users sharing your content and website usefulness, increased sales, and the chance to become an industry leader. Again, the possibilities are endless.

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi John

      Thank you for commenting. Indeed it takes time and needs investment to come up with great articles and it is true that most people (and companies) don’t realise the benefits from doing so.


  4. Paul says

    Thanks for the article. Producing fresh content 2-3 times a week sounds like a huge challenge, but then so is anything worthwhile.

    Thanks for the article Alex

    • Alex Chris says

      Hi Paul

      It is indeed a huge challenge. Content creation is one of the most ‘time-consuming’ tasks of digital marketing.

      Good luck!

  5. Amol says

    Superb 🙂 i am regular reader of your articles and it has really helped me in a great way.

  6. Anis Chity says

    Hey Alex, I write reviews about products that last like 3 months maximum and desappear, the kind of content I write in not evergreen, how many posts should I post in your opinion? I tried writing daily many times, but I dont see many Benefits, Im confused whether I should write daily or 3 times per week, I have this problem that I keep switching focus, I dont have a clear map! Any suggestions will be appreciated! Anis

  7. Wolf Bailey says

    Hello Alex. I am new to and have a question. I have read all of what you have posted and it all points towards businesses, but does this also apply to nonprofit organizations? We use an outside freelance writer to help out in-house website manager and he suggested changing our content two to three times a month to keep donors and foundations up to date on what we are doing and how money donated by individuals and foundations who have given us grants is being used. Do you agree and should nonprofits also have a blog site?

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